Q&A with Roy Williams (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams talked with reporters after the team banquet on Tuesday night regarding the decisions of Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough to remain at UNC and the still pending decision by Brandan Wright.

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"We made the decision 10-12 days ago ... but we made the decision not to announce those two kids because it would put undue pressure on Brandan to make a decision quicker. But as we went along, it got to be a situation where we needed to say to get everyone off their back.

"Brandan and I have talked on a couple occasions, including last night for an hour. He is like a kid, hoping if he ignores it it'll go away and I told him it's not going to go away. He really wants to be relaxed and enjoy life a little bit. He's not worrying about it, he's not stressing out over it. He's probably thought about it less than anybody that I could ever imagine in that same scenario. ... It's something that's not bothering him. ...

"I did tell him the day he had to make the decision by, April 29, I gave him the information, I've given him where I think he'd be drafted and the salary scale of what he could possibly make. He asked me my opinion and I gave him my opinion. But I told him what I wanted to do was choose what he wanted to do and I'd support it. He told me his mom said exactly the same thing. ... He's very relaxed about it, he's not going to be pushed, when the decision is made it'll be made by Brandan - with very slight input from me and some input from his mom and I honestly believe no one else.

"I just know there will be nothing done until Friday of next week. Since he wasn't ready to do anything now or in the next 48 hours, I'm going to London to see my son and we won't do anything until I get back."

You must be excited to get Tyler and Ty back for another season -

"I was going to be excited about being the basketball coach at North Carolina regardless. But the effectiveness of those two players, the talent, is something I'm very fortunate to have because those are the kind of guys that make me look like a better coach.

"I do enjoy Tyler Hansbrough. He's been a treat. You guys don't see the side of it that I see every single day. He's an absolute joy to be around. Tywon Lawson is a youngster that I jokingly and honestly said reminded me of Dennis the Menace. We've got a wonderful relationship and I've been pretty doggone tough on him and I'll continue to be, but I think he's grown and grown. After Georgia Tech where I didn't start him, everybody said 'It's got to be more than a bad practice' - it was a bad practice. ... He had a bad practice and it made me mad. Everybody tried to make it out to be more than it was. Down the stretch I thought he was really, really good and I think if he'll become a little more disciplined and a little more focused on a lot of the little things, I think we'll continue to see drastic improvement from him. The way I like to coach, the way I like to have my teams play, he may be the perfect point guard for that."

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