Real Deal: David Wear Spotlight

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. --- Because he's emerged as one of the top prospects in the class of 2009, 6-9 combo forward David Wear hasn't lacked for attention from college coaches, scouting services and recruitniks. Throw in the fact that the Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei product has an equally skilled twin brother, Travis, and the attention is almost impossible to avoid.

Not surprisingly, the Wear twins are rarely discussed seperately and as far as David is concerned that's okay.

"That's how it seems a lot of times," said Wear. "Whenever you see one of our names you see the other one right by it. It doesn't bother me, it's alright. It feels good to get recognition."

Still, David says that there are some differences between he and his brother.

"I think he's more aggressive, more outspoken," said David of his brother Travis. "I'm more kind of laid back and just go with it. I'm more of a guy who likes to joke."

Blessed with the ability to score with either hand in the post, Wear runs extremely well and is a good overall athlete. What's most attractive, though, is his ability to face the hoop, put the ball on the floor and hit jumpers on the move in either direction.

Not surprisingly, those skills have coaches eying him closely. But, if a coach gets one Wear, the bonus is that they are going to get both of them.

"We've always known that we are going to go to school together," Wear said. "UCLA, North Carolina, Arizona, Washington and Stanford, those are basically the six. UCLA, Arizona have offered, North Carolina is really looking, too."

As far as contact with North Carolina coaching staff goes, David says that his father handles most of the talking with coaches. He has, however, met the Tar Heels staff on a few occasions.

"I don't really talk to the coaches, but I have met them a few times," said Wear. "My dad talks to them a lot and he tells us that they are really interested."

For now, Wear is more focused on his on court production. He's well aware of the reputation he has and he wants to make sure that his play is deserving of the press he's getting.

"Sometimes I feel pressure because I want to perform well," said Wear. "It really bothers me when I don't perform because it feels like all of the hype is for nothing. I just try to take it as just basketball and if I go out and play hard things will happen."

So the question is, when exactly will David be looking to make a decision and what will be most important.

"Probably next year is when I'll start really breaking it down and thinking about where I really want to go to college," said Wear. "Academics will be important of course and then just like the environment of the school and how it is and how all of the different people interact."

Although he was unwilling to name a favorite, he did admit that there are two programs in particular that he's always enjoyed watching.

"I always used to like watching UCLA play and then North Carolina," said Wear. "I liked watching them play when I was younger. You can't really go wrong. It's really fun to watch UCLA and North Carolina play."

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