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But at what position he dominates is a subject for debate. Butch weighs just 215 pounds and he envisions playing at the 4 spot (power forward) in college, particularly after proving this summer that he can consistently make 3-pointers. Davis and Hartjes both believe he'll play the 5, or center position, as well as the 4.

The problems he may face won't be on offense. He has proven he can score on anyone. But stopping the other guy could be a problem initially, especially at the 4 spot.

Hartjes said coaches have a concern about his lateral quickness and ability to defend out on the perimeter.

For instance, "Duke has gone away from recruiting big kids. Their roster is full of 6-8 kids. They have gone away from the plodders because they want to make people match up with them," Hartjes said. "So North Carolina is saying that Brian has to go out and guard a very quick 6-8 kid. That's what they are more concerned about; more so than his bulk."

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What the UW can offer is something perhaps the other schools can't touch. And that's a strong future once he's finished with basketball. If he commits, he'll be set for life if he gets his degree because business people around the state will remember the commitment he made for the home-state school and will be more than willing to offer him a job.

There are hundreds of former UW athletes who can attest to that, and Butch knows it.

"To have all those connections inside the state is definitely huge because you can do almost anything that you want because you'll have people who know you, people who saw you play basketball," he said.

"There's also a disadvantage because I don't want anything handed to me. Stuff will be handed to me, but I want to work for it. That's the way I grew up."

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Butch is a 21st-century, state-of-the-art basketball player. Incredibly intense with a strong vision of where he wants to go, he knows that whatever school he commits to will get a player who can carry them to high places.

"I don't want to sound cocky," said Butch quietly, "but I know I can play with everybody."

Those are the strongest words you'll ever hear from Butch. That's because off the court, he's a throwback. Always respectful, always polite, the mature and cerebral 17-year-old is almost always devoid of ego and just an all-around pleasure to be around.

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