David Padgett update

David Padgett is nearing one of the biggest decisions of his life -- a life which has been mighty hectic of late.

The trips, the in-home visits and the endless phone calls can be wearing, but through it all the senior center from Nevada has been able to maintain both his focus and his strong work ethic.

On Wednesday evening, Padgett and his father/coach Pete were in the Reno gym, fine tuning the skills that have made him such a coveted prospect.

And it was only several days ago that Padgett, amidst a heavy rainstorm, was checking out Chapel Hill on his official visit -- a visit that by all accounts was terrific.

"How could he not be blown away by that place?" exclaimed Debbie Padgett, David's mother, on Wednesday evening. "I mean it's Carolina. He had a great time."

And before the visit even had a chance to wear off, the Carolina coaches were in David's Reno home Tuesday night. Matt Doherty, accompanied by assistant Doug Wojcik, spent a casual three hours with the Padgett's.

Having just been in Carolina, there was little that the UNC staff could tell David that he didn't already know.

"Basically they just went over the town, the campus, the academics and the social life," Debbie said. "And they went over the tradition of North Carolina, which we all kind of know about."

But the purpose of the in-home visit was for the two coaches and the Padgett's to further their relationship in more of an intimate setting.

"You know, I think I'm a bad mother because I didn't fix dinner. We just had chips and dip," she said. "We could talk to those guys all night long -- we love them."

Arizona head coach Lute Olson will make his pitch Thursday night, and the next day Debbie and Pete will board a plane for Chapel Hill, to take in the school on their own. Finally, Stanford is scheduled to make an in-home visit the following Thursday, at which point Padgett is expected to progress towards a decision between the four schools (UNC, Kansas, Arizona and Stanford).

Right now, Padgett is not tipping his hand to anybody -- including his mother.

"He's still looking to decide in early October, but he hasn't ranked the programs in order yet," she said. "I think they're all up there. He doesn't really talk about it too much -- even with me."

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