Brown a 'Good Sky Punter'

Terrence Brown, a 6-3 punter from Fresno City College, is now a Tar Heel. His head coach at FCC, Tony Caviglia, discusses with Inside Carolina what attracted the UNC staff ...

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    How would you describe Brown's abilities?

    "He punted for me for two years. He's a tremendous athlete. [He's a] pitcher on the baseball team. He also does our kickoffs.

    "His get off time was about 2.1 [seconds] – our snapper was real good. He averaged 39-plus [yards per punt] for two years.

    "He's a good sky punter – dropped a lot of balls down inside the 10[-yard line]. He's not a ‘coffin corner' guy, he's a good sky punter guy."

    After you sent UNC the tape, when they called, what did they say they were looking for?

    "They just said they were looking for a punter. They just said they needed to get competition at that position."

    How many times did you speak to UNC after they got Brown film?

    "About four times."

    What did they tell you they liked about his skills?

    "[They liked] his ability to get the ball off, his grades were in order, and his hang time and just his footwork."

    It's sort of surprising that UNC would find a punter in California. Is there any sort of connection between UNC and Fresno City College?

    "I know Chuck Pagano, [John] Lovett I've known for a few years, and Steve Hagen is a friend of mine and he was a coordinator at Fresno State."

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