Kingwood: Larry Drew Spotlight

HOUSTON --- Larry Drew's Pump ‘N Run Elite squad fell in the finals of the Kingwood Classic to Indiana Elite Sunday afternoon. Perhaps the hardest thing for the 5-11 point guard was being forced to watch from the sidelines after an injury knocked him out earlier in the day.

Prior to the injury, Drew had shown flashes of his patient decision-making and ability to set up others, but he'd struggled some too after being out of action since the completion of his high school season. The outgoing junior isn't too worried, though, and knows that he'll be back on track soon enough.

"I'm just going to keep playing my game. My shot's been off and I haven't been making the best decisions," said Drew. "I think I've just got to calm myself down mentally. I've got a lot of adrenaline in me because it's such an exciting tournament to play in."

Despite some struggles, Drew was happy to be back on the floor and he's looking forward to a big summer on what is a very deep and talented Pump ‘N Run Elite team that also features guys like Jrue Holiday, Jerime Anderson, Reeves Nelson and David and Travis Wear.

"It feels great to be playing again, this is just my first tournament," Drew told Inside Carolina. "I'm still trying to figure out everybody's game but it's a great group of guys and I'm looking forward to playing in Vegas, Arizona and in the summer with all of them."

According to Drew, Arizona, North Carolina and UCLA have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

"That's just my top three right now," said Drew. "I also like Louisville, and Texas still but those are my top three and my main focus."

When asked to go into further detail about which of his top three schools was in the best position, Drew didn't back off of statements he made during the high school season labeling North Carolina as the leader.

"No, no, no that hasn't changed," said Drew of Carolina still being his leader. "They are right there at the top. They are still right where they were a month ago."

The intelligent and laid back guard is also well aware of North Carolina's pursuit of his summer teammate, Holiday. In the past, there had been talk about the two looking into going to school together and Drew mentioned that it is still something that could happen.

"I haven't spoken to him lately about it, but my mom and his mom have been talking a lot," said Drew. "They've got a couple of tricks up their sleeves so I'm not sure what they are doing. But, yeah, me and Jrue have talked about trying to work something out."

With a solid group of three schools and a leader, the next logical question is when does Drew plan to make a decision?

"It's getting close. My dad, the season's done for the Hawks and he's home now," said Drew. "With him home now we'll be going over a lot of the recruitment process and I should have my decision by the end of the summer."

As for what will be the most important factor in choosing a school, it would appear that how well a program can help to develop him for the next level will be a top priority.

"The history of the program is great and the location is great," said Drew. "But, I want to go somewhere that is the right situation for me and that's going to prepare me to get to the next level."

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