Ga. QB Favoring UNC

After conducting some extensive research, intrigue brought Tyler Bass to the University of North Carolina a month ago for an unofficial visit.

"I wanted to see the school and they have a new head coach, Butch Davis, and I know a lot about him – especially when he was down in Miami," said Bass. "He brought them out of the probation period and brought them back to a powerhouse. He's a great coach because he had 28 first round draft picks, not to mention the Sean Taylors, the Kellen Winslows, [and] the Willis McGahees. He recruited almost 50 first round draft picks.

"[Davis] surrounded himself with great coaches like Coach [John] Shoop. He spent 12 years in the NFL. He's coached four pro bowl quarterbacks."

Bass, a 6-foot-3 205-pound quarterback from Stockbridge (Ga.), uses research as a means to quickly weed out schools that have coaching staffs that don't meet his requirements.

"I like to research the coaches first and foremost," said Bass. "If I don't like the coaches, I'm not going to go to that school. I think it's good to look at the head coach first, because depending what he does it trickles down to the assistant coaches and then to the players. Then I look at the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach, because they're the coaches I'll be dealing with the most."

For his visit, Bass arrived in Chapel Hill with his mother at noon and spent over eight hours on campus.

After meeting up with his primary recruiter, Bass was introduced to Shoop, UNC's quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator.

"We just talked about his pedigree and talked about what he looks for in a quarterback," said Bass. "He said that he was really interested in me."

Bass then toured the campus including the football facilities, watched a practice, and sat-in on a lecture. Most of his day was spent with Thigpen.

After researching the coaching staff and visiting the campus, Bass has named North Carolina his leader.

"Right now, North Carolina I have at number one and Louisville right there behind them," said Bass.

"Coach Thigpen showed me a good time [during my visit]; I like Coach Thigpen a lot. It's just a nice environment, the campus is beautiful, and it's just a different vibe from down here in Georgia. I like it up there a lot; it felt like home."

However, Bass isn't sure when he'll be prepared to make a verbal commitment.

"I'm just really taking it all in," said Bass. "Different schools come by every day – like Maryland called my coach yesterday. So I don't really want to jump too early and say I want to commit here or commit there. I just want to take it all in and go through the whole process and just take my time.

"Once the season starts, I'm going to be worried about getting to the state championship game. After that, I'm going to start thinking about and considering [committing]."

As a junior, Bass completed 89-of-184 passes (48%) for 1,190 yards, 16 touchdowns and just two interceptions. He also picked up 595 yards and six touchdowns on 91 rushes.

Bass, though, has yet to receive a North Carolina scholarship offer.

"Coach Thigpen has told me and my coach that they're real high on me, they're just waiting on Coach Davis to watch [my film]," said Bass. "The whole staff likes me."

Bass has been offered by Air Force, Indiana, Purdue, and Western Kentucky. He's also fielding interest from Alabama, Central Florida, Louisville, Michigan, and Wake Forest.

In addition to UNC, Bass has unofficially visited Georgia Tech, Louisville, South Carolina, Wake Forest, and Western Kentucky.

Bass is finished with unofficial visits this spring, but he will attend select summer camps.

"I'm going to attend the camps that are most interested in me and I'm most interested in them," said Bass. "I'm not going to go to every camp."

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