UNC-Texas: Locker Room Report

CHAPEL HILL -- Darian Durant, Jason Brown, Michael Waddell, and Will Chapman talk about their 52-21 defeat at the hands of the Texas Longhorns on Saturday night before an announced crowd of 60,500.

Darian Durant

Did you guys feel pretty good when you got back to within 31-21?

We thought we were back in the game. We felt all along that we could play with this team. We were moving the ball all game against them. When we cut the lead down, we kind of had the momentum going and we felt like we were back in the game.

Do you feel like you missed some opportunities with the turnovers?

For sure. Turnovers hurt, but they especially hurt when you are down in the red zone. I've just got to stop trying so hard and just let the game come to me.

It's pretty tough to come back after spotting the number three team in the nation 24 points.

Definitely. They are number three for a reason. In order to beat a team like that, you can't give them anything -- make them earn everything they get.

How much do you think those interceptions affected the way the game progressed?

It mattered a lot. Even if we got three out of that situation, it's a seven-point game in the fourth quarter, instead of 10. If we got six, the game is even closer. Those turnovers hurt us tremendously

Jason Brown

Could you talk about the missed opportunities due to the turnovers?

I know we were in the red zone a couple of times, and then we had some turnovers. We knew, in our minds, if we hadn't had those turnovers, they were touchdowns. That would have kept us in the game.

You've been scrutinized for being part of some fumbles. What did it feel like to recover one for a touchdown?

It felt great. To return a fumbe is a good accomplishment, but, that it was a touchdown was even better.

Had you ever scored a touchdown?

Never. It's a lineman's dream to pick up the ball and run it in, but I'll take the fumble.

What did you see on that play?

It was a run play, then the ball was loose. Their defenders rushed around and they knocked the ball loose. Two of their guys jumped down for the ball. I was running toward the ball, and I felt there was a chance to go and get it. It's a ball. It bounces around all about. Luckily, it got into my hands.

Michael Waddell

What is it like to guard a receiver like Roy Williams?

Guarding a guy like Roy Williams, you have to be totally focused on him. You have to play him man on runs and everything. You can't go to sleep on him. He did a very good job today and made big plays. He made good catches even though I was in good position with him. He's a great receiver.

What is it about him that made him successfull today? Was it his size?

Size doesn't matter. I was in great position. We both competed for the ball, but he came down with it. He made big plays when he was supposed to.

Do you think that you overcommitted on the last touchdown, when he got behind you?

I think I did overcommit, but things just happened. I had to just let that go and continue to try to make big plays.

Will Chapman

What's it like to go against such a huge offensive line?

Well, I've played against it before, but for guys that haven't, it was probably a little overwhelming. But we saw that we could play with them. We didn't get enough pressure on the quarterback. We didn't do what we needed to. We can play with them, but we weren't beating them. That's what a defense has to do. You have to beat them. You can't just play with them. And we didn't do a good job.

What do you have to change before the next game?

We've got two weeks. We need to improve on stopping the run and playing our gaps -- gap control and tackling. At times tonight, we didn't tackle very well. We need to win third downs. That's something where we didn't do a good job tonight. That's the key to our defense. Third down is our money down. We want to get off the field, give the offense good field position, but they completed a lot of third down and longs.

How would you describe Cedric Benson?

He's powerful. He hits the hole hard. He keeps running and keeps his legs churning. He's tough to bring down. You grab both his legs and he still moving. He's a great runner, and he runs behind a good offensive line

Obviously, the goal is to win, but what can you take from this game experience against the number three team in the country?

We have to take it as it is. We have to work harder. At times tonight, we played great. Then sometimes we'd play like garbage. We've got to get back on the practice field and work on fundamentals. We gave them a lot of things tonight. You shoot yourself in the foot, and you can't win ball games. That's something we have to work on. I'm glad we have an off-week to get together, regroup, and work hard all week and not worry about another team and then come back and worry about Georgia Tech.

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