UNC-Texas: Bunting Postgame

CHAPEL HILL -- UNC head football coach John Bunting addresses the media after his Tar Heels were defeated at the hands of the Texas Longhorns, 52-21.

We had several missed tackles. We're a young defense, and we are going to take chances and try to make plays against the No. 1 team in the country. Sometimes we did things well and some other times we were obviously not at the right place. The missed tackles are what really hurt us, epecially in the second half.

We hung in there with those guys. That could have been a tie ballgame at halftime. I know through the third quarter we were moving the ball. We just could not shop them after scoring.

When you move the ball, you have to score. You have to be able to finish it off, and we did not do it. Once again, I thought we'd come out and compete in the second half. We did in the third quarter, but each time we did something really well, we would come back and not do something well on defense and give them a score. We are going to be aggressive, because we need to be. We aren't going to stop doing that because we have to do that in order to be an affective defense. And it hurts us sometimes.

What did you see out of Jacque Lewis tonight?

He's a tough, tough football player. He loves to play, and he does a lot of great things. He catches well, he blocks in protection well, and he runs the football hard. I'm glad he's on our football team. He is very special.

What was your plan with Waddell covering Williams?

Similar to what we did last year. We were going to try to have him stick with Williams a lot, and we were going to have him get up and bump him around and play different coverages. We were going to blitz, and he was going to be faced with some man-to-man coverages. We feel like Michael Waddell is extremely talented and that he could hang with him. More importantly, if we are going to make plays, you have to tackle the catch.

We felt like if we could get to Simms early we could run them out of that set. That's what we wanted to do. Unfortunately they made some plays. They have some playmakers but we feel like we can match up with them in their secondary.

It looked like they were just bigger, stronger, faster, at times.

I think it's an accurate statement that they are bigger. In some cases they might be stronger when our younger players are in there. Certainly, they are probably the fastest team on our schedule. It goes without saying that they have an awful lot of talent over there. We know that, but we were able to hang with them. I was really proud of our offense moving the ball.

On coming back from 24-0 deficit:

"I think that is the makeup of our team. Once again, we are trying to change the culture of our team with our football program I just think we need to continue to get better. We have a couple of days coming up this week were we'll try to get better and work on our schemes more.

"They are young players and I know there are going to be times where we are going to be able to stop them and shut them down and there are times where they are just going to make big plays on us. Sometimes that's the result of taking some chances we need to take. Sometimes it is the case of poor execution."

On the Texas rushing game:

"The number that obviously jumps out at you is the 271 yards rushing. It's hard for me to believe that one guy could rush for 200 yards on our defense. That's hard for me to swallow. We've got to get our team to tackle better. "

On UNC's offensive production:

"I was pleased with our offense in that we were able to move the ball but when you play a great team like that you've got to be able to cap it off with a score."

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