Scouting Report: Al-Farouq Aminu

Dave Telep, the nation's top recruiting analyst, reviewed his notes and compiled the following in-depth scouting report on offered 2008 forward Al-Farouq Aminu ...

Al-Farouq Aminu
6-8, 205
Norcross (Ga.) HS

He can do things with his size and athletic ability that other guys just can't pull off. He's a perimeter guy, he's a good athlete, he's going to be eventually a very big three man or a very versatile power forward.

He can legitimately play behind the three-point line.
He can play in traffic off the bounce – he'll go get it and attack. When he wants to, he can rebound the basketball extremely well because he can go chase balls down. He's not a guy who is anchored to an area. He moves really, really well. He gets up and down the floor very well for a guy his size. He's fluid.

He goes on runs where he seems like he can't miss. He can legitimately play behind the three-point line and he's talented enough to stop and pull up. This is a guy at 6-8 where most kids at his size don't do what he does. He's one of only two guys in this class that I can think of with that size that can do that.

Right now he's got to expand his offense and by that I mean he's got some opportunities to take advantage of matchups on the block and I don't think right now he's shown the desire to really do that. If he can add to his game a post move to take advantage of a mismatch, that could really help him. I don't think he does much with his back to the basket and adding a simple go-to move or two would help his game a lot. He's a face and attack player right now. That added wrinkle would be a big addition.

College Projection:
He'll be used according to personnel. He's not a guy you can box into a position – he'll be used according to the personnel you have. That's one of the beauties of his game: someone may be recruiting him as a ‘4' and some as a ‘3' and neither would be wrong. In all probability, unless he has an All-American in front of him, he'll start as a freshman. And if he doesn't start, he'll certainly play 20 minutes per game. With a guy like this you know you have a 1-2 year window to capitalize on his talent, so you're bringing him in to play.

No. 6 overall -- He's got a skill set that most kids his age and his size talk about having but they're not able to show it on the court. He can do that. He's just really scratching the surface. And he may be in the process of changing positions. We may be listing him at the wrong spot (at power forward). I think I'm going to list him as a small forward in our new rankings and that'll make him the No. 1 small forward. For now there's a gap between him and the rest of the small forwards in the class.

Final Thoughts:
His brother (now at Georgia Tech) is a good athlete but was a late bloomer and I think you'll see Aminu improve rapidly. He has the talent and ability to leave you shaking your head every time he walks on the floor. He's got to eliminate some of his average performances. He's reaching the point where he's too talented not to be the best guy out there every time out. Once he does that, he'll go from elite prospect to elite player. This is a guy who is already in our Top 10, but still has room to grow and move up the charts.

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