Up Close: Greg Little, Part III

DURHAM, N.C. --- The North Carolina coaching change challenged all of those prospects both already committed and still undecided like Greg Little. In addition, the nearly month-long dead period in between last December and January made what Butch Davis and Co. accomplished even more astounding, and Little was the cherry on top.

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    "Greg was a very important recruit for us," Davis said on Signing Day.

    Davis calculated that from the date he was hired on Nov. 27 minus the dead period from Dec. 18 to Jan. 14, he actually only had about 50 days to actively recruit. But his first class represented the concentrated effort put forth by his newly hired staff, and foreshadowed what Carolina fans hope will be a return to the in-state recruiting prominence enjoyed during the Mack Brown era.

    Little represents the start of this new age for the football program.

    "Greg came over a lot over the last month and a half where we had opportunities to sit in my office and he was able to build a relationship with Coach [Charlie] Williams and Coach [John] Shoop," Davis said.

    Little added, "Talking to Coach Davis, he said, ‘Well, we had Clinton Portis and Edgerrin James in the same backfield; and Frank Gore and Walter Payton, Jr. in the same backfield.' So I'm thinking, those guys are really, really good."

    However, the Tar Heels' resurgent recruiting prowess assures Little that he's not just going to walk on to the practice field at wide receiver this fall and have a starting job handed to him. There's simply too much talent waiting for him when he gets to Chapel Hill.

    For Little, it's like starting over.

    "I feel that while I'm at the top of the totem pole in high school right now, I'll be right back at the bottom when I start college," Little said. "So I'll have to do just as much to get my name out there again.

    "It can only make us better as a team and as a group of receivers. If these guys are better than me, then I'll just have to work that much harder."

    Speed is Little's biggest concern. Therefore, he spends almost every day working to get faster. Developing on Hillside's talent-laden team has prepared him for intense competition, but he's not taking anything for granted, especially with regards to speed.

    "Not being that fast, I've really had to work at it," Little said. "[Speed] really is God-given. And if you don't have it, then you've got to work to get it. But that's OK, I've been used to out-working a whole handful of great athletes here, and in college I'll be just as willing to work as hard as the next guy."

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