UNC Checks in with Shumpert

The past two months have been "out of control" for Iman Shumpert. Not only did he catapult himself into Scout.com's Top 20, but also he's gaining scholarship offers and getting calls from a slew of high-majors, including the Tar Heels.

It's been quite a spring for Shumpert. Playing with his traveling team Full Package, Shumpert has impressed against some of the class of 2008's most talented players.

"I've just been showing a lot more confidence with myself up against other players," the Oak Part (Ill.) River Forest standout said. "I feel a lot more confident and I feel like I can do a lot of things that I couldn't do last year."

The 6-foot-4, 175-pound combo guard has become a priority for high-majors across the country because of his versatility, quickness and ability to bury deep and mid-range jumpers. However, Shumpert understands he still has a ways to go.

"With me not having a big name -- well it's kind of getting big now -- but I didn't really have much to live up to [this spring]," he said. "I just had to go out there and play. The harder part is going to be getting better this summer.

"It's nice to see the benefits of working hard and everything, but I know I have a lot farther to go."

Prior to the spring he had interest from Wisconsin, Northwestern, Illinois, Bradley, Marquette, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Miami-FL and Tennessee. Since the evaluation period ended Shumpert has gotten calls from North Carolina, Florida, Duke, Virginia and UCLA.

"It got out of control, but I've finally got it under control," Shumpert said. "There are a lot of offers floating around, but if I haven't developed a relationship with their head coach then I'm not going to be as involved with them.

"There have been head coaches that have come to numerous games and established a relationship with me. Those are the teams that I'll be looking at."

North Carolina is among the schools that have gotten involved recently. Shumpert said he received a call from Steve Robinson and the Tar Heels want to begin the recruiting process with him.

"He told me they hadn't seen me yet, but they wanted to establish a relationship and then I might send them a tape of me."

With more than a dozen schools already involved, and UNC entering his recruitment late, are the Tar Heels a team that Shumpert is interested in?

"Oh, yeah, definitely," he said. "They send people to the pros."

Shumpert, who has already taken unofficial visits to Wisconsin, Illinois, Notre Dame, Bradley and Northwestern, says the next step is to take a few more visits and begin to narrow down his list.

"I'm not trying to rush to sign or anything. Right now I just want to narrow it down to some schools and then I'm going to take my time in making my decision and make sure it's the right one."

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