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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Shortly after posting 13 points and six boards to help his Southeast Elite team to a win at the Tournament of Champions Friday night at the Smith Center, Romero Osby talked with reporters about his game and his recruitment ...

What schools are you considering?

Kentucky, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Miss. State, Ole Miss, Southern California, UCLA, recently Minnesota, Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia Tech –- (interrupted by a reporter before he could finish)

-- when do you want to narrow the list?

Probably toward the end of the summer.

Any leaders?

I don't have any leaders. I'm still kind of wide open.

What are you hearing from North Carolina?

I'm hearing a lot from them. I've been getting text messages from Coach Robinson, the assistant coach. He came down to see me play in Arkansas and then he came to my school to watch me work out individually.

Any plans to take a look around since you're already here?

If I have time after the tournament, I will look around at North Carolina. Both my parents are here, so I'd go with them.

Can the UNC coaches be involved?

They can't unless the tournament is over with. So if we make the championship and are still here on Monday, then I'll probably take a look around with some of the coaches.

Is UNC a program you've followed for a long time?

Growing up it was my dream school. I just didn't get really recruited by them earlier in my career so it's good they're going after me now.

UNC hasn‘t offered yet, right?

They haven't offered.

What schools have made you a priority?

Louisville and Kentucky I know have been there every step of the way. And Mississippi State.

You say UNC is a dream school, how does it feel to play in the Smith Center?

It feels good, man. You think of how many greats have been on this court – Michael Jordan, James Worthy … so many it's hard to name them right off the top of your head. Knowing this school wants me makes me feel good.

Saw you talking briefly to Deon Thompson earlier …

Yeah, I talked to Deon and Danny Green. I don't know them, but they were saying they were out there watching me for the coaches and would let them know how I was doing.

What are you looking for in a school?

A school that has my major – I'm not sure what I'll major in yet – and a school that'll let me be free because I play multiple positions, sometimes I play on the perimeter and sometimes I play in the post. With Coach Roy Williams and his fast break offense, I'll be able to play everywhere. That's something I really look at – style of play and the coach's track record.

We saw you roaming out on the perimeter a lot – is that usually your game?

Sometimes I bring the ball up the court, sometimes I'm on the perimeter taking threes and sometimes I've got a smaller defender and I'm taking him into the post. That's pretty much my game – playing everywhere.

What aspects of your game are you working on now?

Pretty much everything, but especially my lateral quickness so I can guard smaller players on the perimeter because college level guards are way quicker than guards out here. So also strength and especially my conditioning, too. And, of course, my perimeter skills in terms of handling the ball and shooting the ball.

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