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CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--Inside Carolina catches up with one of the top shooting guards in the 2008 class.

What do you think about all the media attention you are getting? (Surrounded by a throng of reporters.)

I didn't know I was going to get it this early.

Can you talk about what your plans are right now? Did you visit Duke unofficially?

I visited Duke on Wed--Thursday. I visited unofficially and liked it a lot. That's it about Duke.

Where are you in the process as far as schools?

Right now the schools that I mentioned, Duke--I mean North Carolina, I'm looking at them--Duke, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Clemson, Memphis, Georgia Tech. Those schools I'm really interested in right now.

Has UNC set up an unofficial visit?

I was going to come today--not today but this weekend--but I was at Duke the whole time. Hopefully, I will be able to come back out for an unofficial.

Has Carolina offered you yet?

They have not offered me.

What about Duke?

Duke has.

How much have you been talking to the Carolina people?

Carolina--my parents have been talking to them mostly. Hopefully, I can get a chance to get acclimated with the assistant coaches. They send me a few letters saying that they like me, so--

Is there a timetable for when you want to get it done?

For the most part, I want to get it done before my high school season comes up because I don't want to go into my high school season with all that pressure on me, but when it's time to make it--

Have you grown up following a particular school or two?

No, not really, but--not really.

Who did you pretend to be in the back yard when you were younger?

A lot of people compare me to Penny Hardaway, so that is a guy I play like, mostly. I didn't pretend--

What are you looking for? When you make this decision, what factors will help you make the choice?

A good relationship with the head coach, location, team chemistry, academics, things like that.

What does "location" mean?

Like, a good location for me, but if the school is where I want it really doesn't matter with location.

Does Rob Lanier leaving Virginia have any impact?

That is the guy that recruited me so, obviously, it does. But he is not the head coach, so--I'll make my decision on that.

Are schools recruiting you as a "two," a "two-one"?

Two-one, combo guard. I grew up a scorer, but I'm so tall and I can handle it so they sometimes say that I can play the point guard. I'm just trying to get that down.

What did you like about Duke?

Duke--Coach Krzyzewski, I've got a good relationship with them, academics, team chem.-- team--like the way the crowd is into it, every thing.

What do you think of this building?

I mean I haven't got to talk with the head coach and things, but the building is nice.

Is Tennesee different now than it was a couple years ago in your mind?

What do you mean? Basketball?

Yeah, the basketball program.

The basketball--Bruce Pearl, that's a great coach. Tennessee is high on my list too. I'm looking at them.

Is it an advantage to be in-state?

For them to recruit me? I mean, they get more--they see me more.

Do you feel more comfortable with in-state schools?

I feel comfortable with all schools, but Tennessee? Yeah.

When might you trim your list down?

Hopefully, I can trim it soon. I am probably going to trim it down to six or five, coming up soon.

You were at Tennessee a couple of weeks ago on an unofficial visit, [then] Duke. Big school vs. small private school--what did you think about the differences?

It really doesn't matter to me. Just if I like the school, I will make my decision based on how I like the school.

How did they stack up? Or were they so different that you can't compare?

They weren't really that different, you know what I mean. Tennessee has things and Duke has its things. Other schools I visited have those.

When somebody says "North Carolina Basketball" to you, what does it mean to you?

Prestigious. Great players come from it. Great academically. Just a great school, in general.

I know there are NCAA regulations regarding visiting unofficially during tournaments like this. Any plans for you to hang around after the tournament and maybe look at UNC more?

Maybe. I have to see how we play here--if we lose early or something like that.

What does the Duke-Carolina rivalry mean? Do you watch that game?

I'm always watching that. I mean, that is great to watch. It would be good to play in a system like that, but that doesn't affect my decision.

Who have you pulled for in that game?

I haven't pulled for anyone; I just watch the action.

You keep mentioning academics. Can you tell us more?

I go to a really prestigious school in Memphis. Academics have been a part of my life my whole life. Obviously, I want to go to a school that has great academics.

Are you anxious to get to the NBA as quickly as possible?

No, I mean if I'm ready I'll make my decision on that, but mostly I'm going there to be a four-year player.

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