UNC-ECU: Postgame Quotes w/Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina and ECU coaches and players address the media following the Tar Heels' wild 11-10 NCAA Tournament win Saturday at Boshamer Stadium. Read and listen to what they had to say...

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On what happened to Reid Fronk in the celebration following the winning run -

I think he cut his head on Rob Wooten's tooth. That's the word I got - a little excitement there at the end. I think he'll be OK.

On the importance of not having to use much of his bullpen in yesterday's game -

According to this box score, it was pretty important. It was very important because we needed everybody we had today and then some.

On what he was thinking going into the bottom of the ninth -

That we were going to win the game. You have to. I'm thinking, `Let's get Cavasinni on.' In your mind, you're trying to play the in-and-out because you're looking for a spark. I'm trying to stay in the game and whether or not to know if I want him to take or look to bunt for a hit. You can't get deflated until after the game. I'm so excited that we won. I really feel for Billy [Godwin]. He's a good friend of mine - former coach of mine. He's done a great job, and they really played well. We took their best shot. That's about as good a baseball game as you'll see. I think we gave the fans all they ask for. That's a classic, and it's hard to put that game into words. I think a lot of people here today will remember it. It's a great college baseball game; two teams went hard at one another and did it in a classy way, no chirping back and forth. That's the way the game should be played. I feel for East Carolina, I've been on the other end of those. To win like that, you can't win any more exciting than that in baseball. Maybe a walk-off, but I'll take that single up the middle any day.


On his game-winning hit -

My previous five at-bats were pretty bad, and I knew coming into that bat I had seen [Shane Matthews] throw a lot of fastballs, and he looked like he couldn't find the zone a bunch. He got behind two balls, and I knew he was coming with a fastball. Once I hit it, I just saw it go up the middle and put a good swing on it and that was game.

On winning in this type of fashion -

It's a big confidence builder. If we lose that game right there, then our backs are against the wall, and we're fighting to get out of this regional. I think with that win right there, we should be on a roll from here on out because I think our guys are starting to hit the ball really well. I think our pitching might be coming together, so it should end up pretty good.


On seeing the game-winning hit -

The whole inning was great. The whole game was a lot of fun. Feels a lot like how it did last year on the way [to Omaha] in the postseason. It's an awesome feeling to see the guys do that.

On the mood before the bottom of the ninth -

You just have to get somebody on base. Once [Mike Cavasinni] walked, Matthews struggled a little bit with control, and once we got Cavi on and Seth [Williams] on after him, there was definitely a good feeling. Garrett [Gore] gets the bunt down and just a lot of things that inning before that really helped us push some runs across. You just have to get the tying run on base, and Seth did a good job of that. Everybody was seeing the ball real well and that helped out a lot.

On exchanging runs with ECU all game -

When you're down like that, you have to dig a little bit deeper. We got a little bit of help from them, but we had some guys have some really good at-bats. Hopefully, tomorrow we can score some runs without having to respond. It feels good when you can help out your pitching staff a little bit. They've been there for us all year and definitely want to try to respond that next inning.


On his pitching -

I felt like I had good stuff. I ran into a little trouble in the third inning with five runs. They just hit it. I couldn't say anything else. It felt like I was throwing good pitches and they were getting good hits.

On it being his first regional game and playing against his hometown team -

I'm from Greenville so it was a little more exciting, but the regional definitely outweighs that in the category of excitement. I felt like I threw well. These guys picked me up all night, and I thank them for it.




Opening remarks -

Needless to say it's disappointing to get that close and have it slip away. I thought our kids competed very hard the entire time, we came in here and didn't back down. I was very proud of their effort and we will hold our heads high. Last time I checked this is a double elimination tournament and you have to be beat twice, so we will bounce back.

On managing a wild game -

You have to stay focused on the task at hand and not get caught up in the atmosphere. I thought our kids did a good job, but we did some things during the course of that game that you can't do to beat a team like North Carolina. I just want to let everyone know we would not be at this NCAA Regional without Shane Mathews.

On playing shortstop Dale Mollenhauer -

I felt like he has been 95 to 100 percent defensively, he felt that way and so did the coaching staff. If I had to go back and do it again I would do the same thing.

On hitting North Carolina's pitching -

Our guys are locked in a little now and have a good approach. I though we hit the ball well yesterday against Western Carolina. We have been up and down offensively all year, but I think it's a good time of the year to have confidence and swing the bat well.

On committing four errors -

You can't make four errors against the number three team in the country in their backyard. They have a very good club and take nothing away from North Carolina, but it's tough to do that against a strong opponent like North Carolina whose looking for that window of opportunity and they will take advantage of it.


On preparing for Western Carolina tomorrow -

Just keep your heads up and jump on them tomorrow to get your confidence back.

On being involved in a wild game -

It was great and that is what college baseball is all about. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, somebody has to lose and it was a good game.

On having to win three-straight to advance -

It is going to be a tough task, we have battled all season so we will be up for the challenge.


On finding his control in the ninth -

Anyone in Division I baseball can hit a fastball and I just didn't have control with my off speed pitches.

On warming up in the bullpen -

I felt great in the bullpen, some days you just struggle. I thought I was going to be able to throw well. It definitely was not the atmosphere and I guess it was just a mental thing, I just didn't have it.


On the feeling of a tough loss -

It's a tough loss, I would rather lose by 10 than lose by one. It's one of things where it's a tough game and that's what baseball is sometimes.

On hitting Tar Heel closer Andrew Carignan -

I was just in two-strike mode and was just trying to put the ball in play and see what happens.

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