UNC-WCU: Quotes w/Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina coaches and players address the media following the Tar Heels' 6-5 win over the Catamounts Monday at Boshamer Stadium. Read and listen to what they had to say...

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Opening remarks -

I knew Josh [Horton] was going to come through for us again. He is just that type of player. Rob Wooten is a great story for us, not pitching for a couple of years and then he's in the biggest game of our season. We've relied on Andrew Carignan to take us where we want to go for several years now. I'm excited on behalf of our players. I think we showed some toughness, some determination and some grit today. And I think we had a little bit of pressure on us actually in this regional and I'm not quite sure why. Maybe people expected us to win with last year, so we'll learn from that next weekend and try to play a little looser and a little happier.

On the toughness of his team -

I'm so lucky because you can't recruit the kind of make-up that we have on your team because you just don't know with high school kids. We have some kids that just have great make-up for lack of a better termŠ. Internally, deep-down, they are some good kids.


On if he was surprised the Catamounts pitched to him in the ninth -

I was definitely not surprised with my previous at-bat (a strikeout with the bases loaded in the seventh). I was just trying to forget about the one before, bow my head, say a little prayer. I looked down at Coach Fox and he was just grinning at me. It took a little a of the pressure off. I just tried to smile and have fun. I didn't even really get the barrel on the ball. It wasn't that much better of a swing, but it dropped in for me. I guess that's the game.

On if this team is comfortable playing from behind -

No, definitely not. We definitely want to play from ahead. I wouldn't say comfortable, but it does have something to do with the guys having been there before and not panicking. That's not the game plan, to get behind and come back in the ninth.


On his success today:

I knew if I held them, we'd come back eventually. I never had a doubt. Once we got a hit, I knew Andrew [Carignan] was coming in. He's the best closer in the country, so it's pretty good to have him behind me.


On coming back today after a rough outing against ECU -

The other day I just got picked up by my teammates just like it happens. Then today, I saw Josh coming up with men on second and third, and I started getting ready because I knew I was coming in. That's what I was ready for. I like to redeem myself after the other day, and I like to be relied on at the end of the game so it was a good position for me.

On the likelihood of hosting a super regional for the last games played at Boshamer Stadium before it undergoes renovation next year -

Well, if we're hosting, they're coming to us, whoever wins that regional. We're excited for it. I don't think we ever have hosted a super regional here. It's a great way to send it out. It's a turning point for this program, a great way to send out the old Bosh and bring in the new Bosh, so we'll see what we can do.

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