Scouting Report: Ed Davis

Dave Telep, the nation's top recruiting analyst, reviewed his notes and compiled the following in-depth scouting report on committed 2008 forward Ed Davis ...

    Ed Davis
    6-8, 215
    Richmond (Va.) Benedictine

    One of the strengths of Davis' game is that some kids don't have the body to be the player he is inside, so he's found a certain craftiness to his game. Being left handed helps, but he's got instincts and awareness in the paint where he can hit you with counter moves, post moves, step away for a mid-range shot or face and go off the dribble.

    He's always playing with a level of aggression and playing in attack mode.
    As he's doing all this, he's always playing with a level of aggression and playing in attack mode, so he's quick and decisive with his moves. He's a lot more difficult to guard for a guy who is frankly a little light – well, a lot light.

    Davis is an outstanding rebounder. He has a general nose and awareness for the ball. He doesn't force things a lot, he makes smart basketball plays and he's poised. He's quiet – he's not a guy who is going to talk a lot of trash. He just goes about his business, kicking your tail.

    He needs to be a better shooter facing the bucket, but I don't think there's a whole lot of concern about Davis offensively. But, defensively, when you start looking at the end of the tunnel, you want him to get bigger and stronger so he won't have any problem holding his man inside. It's going to get progressively harder for him unless he adds more weight and muscle. Right now Davis would have his hands full with a college big guy, so to get to the level he needs to be, weight and strength will need to be added.

    College Projection:
    Four man – and a good one. The perimeter is not in his DNA right now. He's ascended up the rankings by being Ed Davis, Power Forward. And there's no rush to turn him into a three man. You don't strip down a Lamborghini and build a new car when the Lamborghini is running well.

    I can tell you whey Ed Davis is ranked the No. 2 overall prospect in the country. Of all the big-time performances we've seen in the spring, the single most impressive game was when Davis met Greg Monroe right in the eye and took it to him – and played Monroe like a man. He's ranked No. 2 because he looked the No. 1 prospect in the eye, didn't blink and had one of the best games of the AAU season against him. I think Davis is amongst a handful of players who have distanced themselves a little bit from the rest of the class.

    Final Thoughts:
    This tends to get overlooked, but one of the great things about Davis is that it's been a step-by-step, year-by-year improvement to where you understand he's not done getting better. It sounds simple, but it's very important. His ceiling is higher than most and he's not anywhere close to reaching it.

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