Sylvester Checks Out Chapel Hill

Steven Sylvester made his anticipated unofficial visit to North Carolina over the weekend.

"It went really good," said Sylvester. "I got to spend some time with Coach [Tommy] Thigpen and Coach [John] Blake. I got a chance to speak with Coach [Butch] Davis, as well; that was really good."

Sylvester, a 6-foot-2 215-pound athlete from McDonough (Ga.) Union Grove, arrived in Chapel Hill with his parents late Saturday afternoon. The Sylvesters didn't leave campus until around dinner time on Sunday.

During his stay, Sylvester toured most of the campus, including an in-depth look the football facilities.

"It was nice," said Sylvester, who is being recruited by UNC to play linebacker. "Coach Davis is taking a lot of stuff and remodeling it. So a lot of it was under construction, but the parts that weren't they were nice."

Both Blake and Thigpen are handling Sylvester's recruitment for UNC. Sylvester spent most of Saturday talking to both assistant coaches.

"Basically, [they were talking about] how they want me to be apart of their [‘08] recruiting class and how they're getting ready to turn the program around and North Carolina is getting ready to be a force to be reckoned with," said Sylvester.

Sylvester then sat down with Davis for a conversation with a different theme.

"He really didn't have too much to say about football," said Sylvester. "We talked mostly about life. So it was a pretty good conversation."

The weekend visit has done nothing but help UNC's chances to land Sylvester.

"It definitely changes my impressions of North Carolina," said Sylvester. "I have heard that they were getting it done down there and changing it around. It's really nice now that I've gotten a chance to get up there and look at it."

Sometime in mid-July to early-August, Sylvester plans to make a verbal commitment.

"I want to sit down with my family and figure out what's the best fit for me, where I fit in best with my recruiting class – because they are the guys I'm going to be there with for three, four, five years – and the coaching staff," said Sylvester.

Sylvester doesn't have a leader, but lists Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech, UNC, and South Carolina as his top five schools.

"I like that they all have pretty good tradition," said Sylvester. "I've met most of the coaches and I really fit in good with the coaching staffs."

All five schools have extended Sylvester a scholarship offer.

Sylvester has unofficially visited each favorite except South Carolina. While no plans have been made, he said he hopes to travel to Columbia this summer.

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