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"Within the last seven to nine years teams have gotten away from the fat slug linemen," first-year Carolina offensive line coach Hal Hunter said. "There was a day when the Redskins had the Hogs, and you had those 340 or 350-pound linemen. These days, everyone has gone to more downsized, athletic offensive lines. You want guys who are 290 or 295 pounds and can move and react."

Laying it on the line
Tar Heel Monthly

"So what you did at the end of Friday's practice, if some guy was being a real jerk by screwing up the other team, one of the players would give the guy a game rock: 'Hey, nice job, you deserve a game rock because you screwed up the whole offense today.' "

ACC Notes
Winston-Salem Journal

"We want to play as tough an opponent as we can," said North Carolina coach John Bunting, whose Tar Heels are off this week and 1-2 after losses to Miami of Ohio of the Mid-American Conference and No. 3-ranked Texas, and a victory at Syracuse. "We want to get opponents our fans and players and recruits want to play here at Kenan Stadium and on the road. It makes for great enthusiasm."

Opinions differ on non-conference schedules
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