UNC-Rice: Owls Postgame w/Audio

OMAHA, Neb. --- Rice coach Wayne Graham and Rice players spoke to reporters after the game. Read and listen to what they had to say…

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Opening remarks -

I thought North Carolina pitched and played well. It's one of those situations where we got out played. We'll show up tomorrow. (UNC) came here to win a national championship and so did we. They have to win one more game to get into the championship and so do we.

On starting pitcher Ryan Berry's performance -

I thought he had great stuff. He did give up some walks and we had two errors. He was throwing the hardest I've ever seen him throw today.


On Robert Woodard's performance -

Today, I thought he had some of the best stuff I've ever seen from him. He was pitching me low and away and no one can hit low and away. Barry Bonds can't even hit low and away very well.


On his second-inning error -

I've never worn sunglasses or eye black in the field and I won't ever wear it. I just didn't shield the ball well.

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