Up Close: Randy White, Pt. II

BRISTOL, Va. --- With his pledge to North Carolina putting an end to his recruitment, Randy White now begins to concentrate solely on his senior football season.

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    "There's a little bit more [pressure] now since the commitment," said White. "Now I know I have to play hard every play, because I'm expected to now."

    White, a 6-foot-5 230-pound jumbo athlete, is basically Virginia High's 48-minute man.

    "He's just one of those kids that's just always on the field," said Terry Smith, Virginia High's head football coach. "He's on every special teams, he's on defense, he's on offense."

    Primarily, White serves as Virginia High's main weapon of their offense at tight end.

    "He's such a versatile athlete," said Smith. "He studies the game. He knows what our system does and what he needs to do.

    "He's a powerful tight end that can run well and catch the ball very well."

    Smith also moves White around to exploit opposing defenses.

    "When we go to three-back set, we're going to put him back there at fullback, h-back," said Smith. "We're going to shift him. We're going to use motion. We're going to put him at X receiver, because he moves so well. He's 6-5, we're going to throw it up to him. He's such a versatile player, that's our job to make it available for him."

    On defense White plays strongside linebacker in Virginia High's 4-4 base formation. When Virginia High shifts to a 4-3 formation, Smith will flex him out to a 9-technique.

    White also excels off the field.

    "Not only is [UNC] getting a great athlete, they're getting a great human being," said Smith. "He's very aware of his academics, he's very aware of family. He has great work ethic.

    "I think that's what Coach [Butch] Davis, Coach [Steve] Hagen, and Coach [Kenny] Browning are looking for at Carolina. Those are the things that I coach here at Virginia High and he's a model for that."

    White has started at Virginia High since his freshman year. However, White's prep career didn't start at tight end.

    "He was a freshman and I was a freshman," said Smith. "My first year, we had a returning quarterback that was pretty good and he got hurt in a scrimmage.

    "Randy was big enough and tough enough and could do the job. We had to put him in the fire against our first opponent. He won our first game together."

    Midway through his freshman season, White was moved to the more fitting position – tight end.

    "We had another quarterback who ended up playing the last half of the year," said Smith. "He threw the ball real well. Randy had great mobility and size, so we ended up putting him at tight end and he just kind of shined from there."

    White started one game at middle linebacker as a freshman, and then moved there permanently for his sophomore season.

    Before his junior season, White was moved to outside linebacker.

    "My speed got better, I grew into my stride," said White. "I was able to cover the flats. It worked really well because I could chase people down on the outside."

    Following both his sophomore and junior seasons, White was named to the All-District Team at both tight end and linebacker.

    White's junior season also resulted in First Team All-Area and All-State Honorable Mention for his play at tight end and Second Team All-Area at linebacker.

    Last season, White caught 22 passes for 396 yards and six touchdowns on offense and collected 127 tackles on defense.

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