Take 5ive: Wally Judge Spotlight

CINCINNATI --- If coaches and scouts didn't know about Wally Judge heading into the Adidas It Takes 5ive Classic, they certainly do now. The slender 6-8 – and growing – forward from the DC area was one of the breakout players of the event and he's established himself as a potential big timer in the class of 2009.

One thing's for sure, the soft spoken Judge isn't one to toot his own horn.

"I think I played pretty well," said Judge. "I could have made a few more shots, but I did all right."

A skilled face up player, Judge scored on jumpers out to the three point line and runners in the lane. He's capable of hitting jump hooks over either shoulder, has terrific hands and is a very good rebounder despite his lack of bulk. Some observers commented that he played somewhat like a young Marvin Williams.

When asked if there was anybody he patterned his game after, Judge drew a blank,

"No, not really," said Judge. "I just play."

While he didn't want to discuss much about his school list, it's pretty clear that Judge has become very popular with high level college programs. Among those who were a constant presence at his games in Cincinnati was North Carolina. Others showing plenty of early interest include Texas, Maryland, Georgetown, Ohio State, Tennessee, and Virginia.

As for putting together a list of favorites, Judge indicated that he's wide open and doesn't have any time table for making a decision or narrowing things down.

"You could just say everybody," Judge said. "I'm not really sure who's offered or who is going to be on my list."

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