LeBron Camp: Ed Davis Spotlight

Inside Carolina's Eric Bossi talked with Ed Davis on Monday at the LeBron James Skills Academy for the latest update in the recruitment of one of the Tar Heels' top targets.

AKRON, Ohio --- The summer camp setting is a different one and one that takes adjusting to. Used to playing in structured environments for both his high school and summer programs, 6-9 forward Ed Davis admits that playing at a shoe camp that him a little bit out of his comfort zone.

However, the lefty thinks it's good to adjust because that's something he'll have to do at whichever college he chooses.

"It does take some getting used to," said Davis of the LeBron James Skills Academy. "It's something that's different but I've to get used to it because when I go to college it's going to be a different environment. It's good to learn to adjust now."

Monday afternoon Davis appeared to have adjusted well as he sprinted the floor for easy buckets, got on the offensive glass and buried some mid-range jumpers. Not surprisingly, he was involved in the type of fast paced game that suits him well.

"I like to play up tempo," said Davis. "That's my thing, I really like to play up tempo and that will be important in my decision."

Speaking of that decision, Davis says that his dad would like him to make a decision sooner than later while his mom would prefer he wait. From the sounds of it, Davis is leaning towards making an earlier choice and he'll take one last unofficial visit to North Carolina before doing so.

"I can't really go during July so I'm going to UNC as soon as I can in August," Davis said. "I might take some official visits after that. But, I really only want to take one official visit and that's to the school that I end up going to."

Also in the mix with the Tar Heels are Virginia and UConn and Davis broke down what he likes about each school.

"Virginia, they're probably the first school that recruited me really hard," said Davis. "Since day one they have made me their number one guy and were always straight up with me about where I stand with them on their priority list."

As for Jim Calhoun's Huskies ...

"They started recruiting me during the summer of my 10th grade year," said Davis. "They have the most pros in the NBA right now and have really developed a lot of big guys from scratch."

Finally, Davis broke down what he likes about the Tar Heels.

"I think Delvon [Roe] was their top guy, but the program they have is great and you have to listen to them when they call," said Davis. "How Coach Williams runs his offense and gets the big men involved is appealing and sets up to the way I play."

Although he wouldn't put a date on his decision, Davis did indicate that it would likely come within a few weeks or so of that final visit. He's got a lot of information ahead of him and says that he's learned that he needs to make a decision based on what is best for him and not necessarily on when programs started recruiting him.

"At first I thought about it like that," Davis said, regarding favoring the schools that recruited him first. "But, I have goals in life that I want to accomplish and I've got to get past that stuff and make the decision that is best for me and not worry as much about who was a priority where."

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