Peach Jam: Ed Davis Q&A

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. --- With UNC coaches Roy Williams and Steve Robinson courtside, Ed Davis took the floor Thursday for the first day of action at the Peach Jam. Following his opening game, he sat down with Inside Carolina's J.B. Cissell for an interview ...

Where does your recruiting situation stand as of now?

I'm down to UNC, UVa and UConn.

And what's your timeframe now for making a decision?

Maybe at the end of the summer before school starts. So maybe late August.

So what are the key factors in your decision-making process?

It's just tough because all the schools I'm down to I like very much. I'm close with all the coaching staffs, so there aren't really any negatives about the schools I'm down to.

North Carolina's now recruiting you hard. It seemed they offered a little later than some other schools. Will that impact your decision?

It did at first, but then I really thought about what I'm trying to accomplish in college and then it didn't really matter anymore.

So you're look at the situation like ‘If it's the best opportunity for me, I'm going to go there' regardless of the order in which you were offered?

My dream is to make it to the NBA, so I'm looking which team will best help me get there. And I'm looking for what schools will give me the best education for after basketball.

How do you feel like you potentially fit into the Tar Heel system and program?

Coach Williams, he subs well, so I know every game that at least if I'm not a starter, I at least have a shot at doing what I can do. So that's a positive for me. Some players don't like that because they want to always play 30 minutes, but I'm not looking at it like that. I'm looking at it like I might not start, so at least I'll have the opportunity to play in every game.

Can you address your visit situation with UNC?

I didn't really make a good visit when I went down there. It was on a game day so Coach Williams was really focused on his team – which is as it should be. So I'm going down [again] in August – in early August.

What do you hope to accomplish during your Chapel Hill visit next month?

I just want to figure out everything so I can sit down and compare all the schools to see what I like and what I don't like.

Have you been able to establish a favorite from your three finalists or been able to rank them by preference?

No … one day it could be North Carolina, then it could be someone else. It's real tough.

Are there other players from your class that you could end up playing with in college that you've been talking to?

I talk to Kemba [Walker], he's going to UConn and he always calls me and says ‘C'mon, Ed, let's go.' And then for UVa I talk to Elliot Williams and Sylven [Landesberg]. So, that's a factor.

Do you know anyone well who is at North Carolina or will be when you get there?

I met the [players], but I don't know any of them personally yet.

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