Sabino Returning to Chapel Hill four-star linebacker Etienne Sabino will accompany his teammates in his second visit to North Carolina this coming weekend.

"I just want to get up there again," said Sabino. "Also, [I'm going up there] to go with my team to give team support. It just worked out good. I planned on getting back up there anyways at some point."

A few players from Sabino's high school, Miami (Fla.) Krop, will participate in UNC's team camp this weekend. Along with teammate and fellow UNC target Travis Howard, Sabino will be observing from the sidelines.

Following his first visit to Chapel Hill, Sabino claimed UNC as his leader. After some time, he's backed off that claim.

"I'm still very interested in North Carolina," said Sabino. "North Carolina was one of the schools I saw first. It's still a great place and I still really like them, but I wouldn't say they're my leader."

Sabino said he doesn't have a leader and is currently working on a favorites list.

"I have a good amount [of schools] in my head, but I'm not going to release it yet," said Sabino. "After the North Carolina trip, I'm going up to Ohio State and then Notre Dame. Once I get through those trips, I'll have a good idea what my top five or top few are."

From that point, Sabino will begin to determine which schools he will officially visit. LSU and Southern Cal are already penciled into his official visits schedule.

"I wanted to go check [LSU and USC] out and that's not going to happen without an official visit," said Sabino. "I wanted to make it to those schools this summer, but that's not going to happen."

Sabino, who plans on graduating from high school in December, will make a verbal commitment towards the end of the season after completing his entire official visit schedule.

Sabino said he will be focusing on academics, football, and his comfort level with the school and coaching staff. Howard's decision, however, won't be much of a factor.

"[Howard's decision] won't have an effect on me at all," said Sabino. "Travis and I, we have spoken and we have considered playing together on the next level. But then again, if he goes somewhere and he really likes it, and I can feel the same way at another place, we'll go our separate ways."

In the meantime, UNC is putting the full court press on Sabino.

"The contact is very strong," said Sabino. "I talk to Coach ‘Thig' [Tommy Thigpen] the most, but then Coach [John] Blake texts me every two days making sure I'm doing good and my family is all right. And Coach [Chuck] Pagano checks on me, too."

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