UNC Likes Ohio ATH at Tight End

Travis Kelce kicked off his summer camping schedule at North Carolina in early June.

"[I attended the camp] just to show them what I can do," said Kelce. "I went there to give them an idea of what I can play and how versatile I can be."

Kelce, a 6-foot-5 230-pounder from Cleveland Heights (Ohio), could potentially play quarterback, tight end, wide receiver, or defensive end at the collegiate level.

For Cleveland Heights, Kelce stars at quarterback. Despite missing three games with a slight tear to his MCL, Kelce was able to accumulate 600 rushing yards and 800 passing yards as a junior.

Though Kelce started off his UNC camping experience at quarterback, he eventually moved to tight end, where he stayed for the remainder of the camp.

"When the tight ends came over to work with the quarterbacks, they only had three tight ends," said Kelce. "So everybody was winded and I think there were six quarterbacks in my group. I asked Coach [Steve] Hagen if I could run a couple of routes. So I stayed with the tight ends for the rest of the day."

Following the camp, Hagen, Kelce's primary recruiter, informed Kelce that UNC would be recruiting him exclusively as a tight end.

"I'm fine with playing tight end," said Kelce. "Wherever the coach wants me to play."

Hagen continues to keep in touch with Kelce weekly.

Although Kelce's UNC stay was short-lived, he gained fondness for both the coaching staff and campus.

"The staff was a great group of coaches," said Kelce. "I really enjoyed being around them. They showed a lot of excitement and they definitely know what they're talking about.

"The campus is a great place. I really liked the campus just because of the scenery and how everything is put together."

UNC has yet to extend Kelce a scholarship offer, and has not discussed the possibility of one being extended. He has, however, collected offers from Akron, Eastern Michigan, Kansas, and Miami (Ohio).

Hoping to land a few additional offers, Kelce is keeping an open mind regarding recruiting. He plans to start to establish a list of favorites during his senior football season.

Kelce, who has completed his camping schedule, has also camped at Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

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