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The great thing about the month of July is that every day you see coaches out on the road evaluating prospects. One player who is drawing the eye of the North Carolina staff is Wildwood (Mo.) Lafayette rising junior Tyler Griffey.

Having earned a very good reputation among those familiar with his game – especially in the Midwest – Griffey has become a target of many high level programs. Among those who have shown interest include, but are not limited to, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Saint Louis, Louisville, Iowa and more recently North Carolina and UCLA.

According to Griffey, he's not particularly worried about putting out a list of schools just yet.

"I don't even have a list right now," Griffey told Inside Carolina. "I'm going to wait until after the summer ends or school starts to come up with a list of 10 or whatever it might be. I don't want to eliminate anybody right now so everybody has a chance."

While he declined to give out a list of favorites, Griffey did talk about where things currently stand with the Tar Heels.

"I think I heard from them June 15th or 16th,' said Griffey. "I got a call from Coach Holiday and I think that was the first time. They just said that they are interested."

Interested enough that assistant coach Holiday spent two days in Tulsa, Okla. last week tracking Griffey as he played with his St. Louis Gateway team in a summer tournament.

"My dad talked to Coach Holiday today and he said that they are interested," said Griffey. "He said that he talked to Coach Williams about me and that he thought I could be a big time player. They also said that they liked players from Missouri named Tyler."

A slender, long armed four man who can face the basket out to 17 feet or set up shop in the paint, it's Griffey's versatility that draws college coaches to his game.

"I can go outside and hit the three or I can bang inside," said Griffey, who stands 6-8 and nearly 220 pounds. "When my inside game isn't working I go outside or when my shots not falling I go inside. If one part of my game isn't working I go to another."

While his game has plenty of strengths, the well spoken 16-year-old realizes that there are some areas of his game that need more attention

"Probably my defense," said Griffey. "Defense and ball handling are big things that I'm working on this summer."

In addition to working on his defense and ball handling, Griffey has also been working out with a personal trainer whenever possible. Also involved in the Adidas Nation program, Griffey is seemingly always on the road between tournaments and camps making it difficult to live the normal life of a high schooler

"I don't really try to, but when I'm home I hang out with my friends," said Griffey. "I'm on X-box live right now playing with my buddies and I'm sure we'll go do something tonight. When I'm here I have a normal life but when I'm gone it's all about business on the court."

With a few more tourmaments left before heading back to school in mid August, Griffey has a little more time before he puts together an initial list. Not surprisingly, the relationships he's built with coaching staffs interested in recruiting him will weigh heavily.

"For me it's going to be the coach and the relationship that I've built with them already," said Griffey. "Location, right now, it doesn't really matter to me. I could stay or I could go away from home, but it's a factor you have to look at. Mostly though, it's going to be relationships with the coaches."

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