Roy Williams Press Conference Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams held his summer press conference Wednesday afternoon at the Smith Center. Read some excerpts of what he had to say ...

On the forthcoming change in text messaging rules –

"I probably text fewer prospects than any coach in the country. The football coach at Florida – Urban Meyer – I was just reading an article about him. What he did in one day with texts was more than I have my entire life. It's not a big deal with me, but it's really bad that we won't have that option. We're all our own worst enemy because everything is better in moderation and those that don't hurt it for everybody. … I wish we could put some moderation on it … There's no question it's helpful. If a kid does not want to answer you back he doesn't have to, but at the same time it's a means of communication that's very helpful in the recruiting process. But when one kid says in a 30 day period he got 10,000 texts, anybody that does that shouldn't be in coaching, they ought to be in an insane asylum."

On Bobby Frasor's lingering foot injury -

"Early in the summer we were more concerned about it than we are now. Had him checked by a specialist, had a new MRI and they said it's the same thing. Last part of July during our camp her participated in our camp game and was fine. … I haven't seen him since the recruiting period started, but I would assume that he's doing well or I would have heard about it."

On evaluating last season -

"I thought it was very successful. Didn't get where everybody wants to be, but that's the crutch of the problem – since everybody wants to be there. … You're trying to get to a point where you have a chance to win it all. One of my best friends called after the Georgetown game and said he'd take it every year to have a wide open shot by a good shooter to have a chance to go to the Final Four. So you have to look at it a little like that. And it's a shame that if we'd won that game, people wouldn't be saying as many bad things about our entire league. …

"The Georgetown game was the first game I felt like our freshmen and sophomores the last eight minutes of the game acted like freshmen and sophomores. For that part it was discouraging, but again, we tie for the conference regular season championship, win the conference tournament and go to the final eight and lose in overtime – you ask every coach if they'd take that and the answer would be ‘Yes' on every one of them. If you say ‘You have a jumpshot at the end of regular to make the Final Four,' everybody would take that. It was disheartening, particularly the way we played the last eight minutes – that was a difficult thing. We got away from what we'd done all year long – took some bad shots and didn't get the ball to Tyler and Brandan inside. Got to make sure that in big games, when the stress and pressure the kids feel, they've got to continue doing what got them there in the first place."

On being ill this week -

"I've got a little vertigo deal. It hasn't been very plesant the last couple days. I've just got to get better by Saturday to go back on the road …

"It's the first attack I've had since July 29, 2005. I'm fine."

On recruiting -

"… It's still a whacko experience. We have guys in the 9th and 10th grade trying to make commitments and for us, our admissions office doesn't want us to take them. And it's rightfully so. They're saying ‘How can you say a kid can come to North Carolina when he hasn't taken sophomore English?' …"

"Nowadays there is one thing that's dominating everything and that's the big monster called the NBA. And that means money … Dwight Howard only visited one school and that was here. And at his press conference he said if he'd gone to college he'd have played for me. He had an English paper he showed me from his freshman class that he made an ‘A' on it. The name of it was ‘Dreams.' He writes about how he wants to be the starter on the team as a freshman, win four state championships, do this, do that and be the No. 1 player in the NBA Draft. There was not one word in there about college. So that's a discouraging thing in recruiting, but that's what it is."

On Lawson and Hansbrough turning down invites to the Pan Am Team Trials -

"[Ty] just didn't want to do it. Tyler was invited also and he didn't want to do it. Tyler's so focused on his own individual workouts and staying here and working with [strength coach] Jonas [Sahratian] instead of going to Serbia."

On what players can gain from the summer experiences on USA teams -

"I hope they gained a lot when I [coached] them – I had Hubert Davis and George Lynch … I think the kids can gain a lot, but I don't think anybody knows what each individual kid's goals are. Tyler Hansbrough's goals are not to practice two hours a day and let that be it and say he's getting better. Tyler works out in the weight room, works out on his ball, he plays pickup. For Tyler a good summer might be 6-8 hours [of work] a day and some of those teams don't get that much. So for Tyler it was the best decision not to go. For Wayne, he needed more action trying to guard people off the dribble so he can do a better job of that. The fact that the trials were in Philly, I thought that was good for him. I think it'll be helpful for Deon. I think it'll give him some confidence. I don't think it hurts Ty, because Ty's not lacking in confidence."

On Deon Thompson's offseason conditioning work -

"Deon's really gotten crazy. He's down to 235. It'll be interesting if he'll be at 205 or 255 when he gets back – it depends if he likes Serbian food [laughs]. But he's really done a nice job. …"

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