Roy Williams on Skip Prosser

University of North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams comments on the death of Wake Forest Coach Skip Prosser ...

"I am absolutely shocked and deeply saddened. Today the world has lost not just an outstanding basketball coach, but a great person and great friend. I was fortunate to be friends with him even before I came back to Carolina.

"Over these last four seasons there have been several occasions on which he was the first coach to call and offer his heartfelt congratulations. I'll always remember him calling after the 2006 season to say what a great job we had done after losing all the players from the championship team. That call meant so much to have come from another coach. This April, I heard from a hundred or so coaches after the Hall of Fame announcement, and Skip was the first to call.

"But Skip was someone who will be measured in terms of his actions, not just words. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. The world has lost a great person and great family man."

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