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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. --- Sanford head football coach Wayne Inman has quite the weapon at his disposal this fall – Dwayne Allen, a 6-foot-4, 230-pound tight end.

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    "Dwayne brings a lot to the table," said Inman. "Not only is he a great receiver, Dwayne is a heck of a blocker. We feel like with Dwayne at tight end, we're going to have to utilize his talents as a blocker as well."

    Given his talents, Allen will be an integral part of Sanford's offense.

    "I'm used for everything – blocking, play-action, they split me out at wide receiver and let me get nasty," said Allen. "I'm the go-to guy pretty much. Everybody in this county [and] probably this half of the state knows that."

    Individual statistics won't satisfy Allen.

    "[I will catch] as many as it takes to win," said Allen. "If I come out of a game with 0 catches, 0 yards, 0 touchdowns, and we get a ‘W,' I'm ecstatic. If I come out of a game with ten catches, 140 yards, and three touchdowns, and a loss, that would mean nothing to me."

    During his junior season, Allen caught 25 passes for 551 yards and a touchdown. This season, however, Allen will have to adjust to a new passer.

    "Last year, he had a quarterback that was an excellent quarterback. Now this year he's faced with quarterbacks that have less experience," said Inman. "He's going to have to be patient."

    Allen won't start on defense, but he'll be brought in on a situational basis at defensive end.

    "I'll come in, in certain situations – when we need a pass rusher, when we're going against a bigger team and our ends are getting dominated," said Allen.

    Off-the-field, Allen will provide leadership.

    "I'm the team captain, the team leader," said Allen. "They feed off me. When my energy is high, everybody else's energy is high including the defense."

    With a weapon like Allen in the arsenal, the expectations are high for Sanford this fall.

    "We always set our team goals and one of them is to win our conference championship and that's what we expect to do," said Inman. "And also we want to go deep into the playoffs.

    "Realistically, do we have a chance to achieve those? Yeah, I think we do. Our big thing is, we have to stay healthy we don't have a whole lot of depth."

    Allen is a little less modest with his preseason predictions.

    "I expect to just win," said Allen. "I want to go undefeated. We're going to win the championship this year; that's the type of mentality I'm going to bring.

    "I have high expectations of my team. If we work hard, we'll achieve our goals."

    Allen still won't comment on the status of his verbal commitment to Georgia, but admits that he is looking into other schools including Florida, Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, NC State, Penn State, and Virginia Tech. All have extended a scholarship offer.

    "I'm going to go to games, I'm going to get information on the majors I'm interested in," said Allen, who also revealed that he'll take all five of his official visits.

    A game visit in Chapel Hill – at least unofficially – appears to be in the cards for Allen.

    UNC assistant Tommy Thigpen initially handled Allen's recruitment for the Tar Heels. Recently, though, John Blake stepped in to help UNC's cause.

    "Coach Blake hopped on," said Allen. "[Blake] said I'm his recruit. We talk on-and-off, but Coach Thig' is the regular [contact].

    "[Blake and I talk] about everything – from my personal life to my spiritual. Coach Blake really talks a lot to my mother."

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