Greg Little Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Greg Little may only be a freshman, but he's looked at home with the veteran wideouts thus far in practice. The Durham, N.C. native spoke with the media for the first time following Saturday's scrimmage.

On how fall camp is going for him:
"This season's training camp is going pretty well for me and all of the guys. We're making great progress as far as the team goes. I'm a newcomer to the bunch, and I can only help to contribute what I have. And I think that's going pretty well for us.

On his catching ability:
That's been some controversy that's been thrown around. I've worked in the offseason after my senior season and before my senior season. Coming into Carolina, I worked tremendously hard and I can only hope to improve, and I think that's what I've done.

On the scrimmage Saturday:
I think I got about 25 snaps in. The third-team that I went with did pretty well… I think the third-team was just trying to put it together – it's all freshmen. I think we're showing great progress. If Coach [Davis] is satisfied with that, then we can only do better.

On practicing with other great athletes:
Competition is a plus. That can only make the team's overall success [better]. You bring something different to the table – every guy has something that he can bring, and we just try to compete. That's going to make the team really good.

On adjusting to this level:
I think I'm doing pretty well. I came in with high hopes, and I can only hope to achieve them. I'm going to put in hard work and hope to come with the best.

On adjusting to the tempo of practice:
The tempo of practice is going real well. Coach Shoop stresses that a whole lot – the tempo and us moving fast and at a quick pace. I think we're working on that and it's going pretty good. The first-team is doing real well with [the tempo]. We're going to be in shape, and that's what he stresses – to be in shape.

On having a ‘welcome to college football' moment:
I guess I had one -- Quan Sturdivant. It was a high ball that came up and I tried to go grab it, and Quan welcomed me pretty [good]. He got me right in the mid-section. I hopped right back up, though. It wasn't too bad.

If he's gotten any practice at H-back:
Right now, it's just exclusively wideout – trying to perfect that right now. Coach [Shoop] doesn't want to throw too much on my plate – he wants me to perfect wideout. After that's done, I can pretty much move on to running back, or some sort of that.

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