Big Weekend For Star DE National 100 member Robert Quinn has a big trip planned this weekend and then a tough decision to make when he's done.

Quinn, from North Charleston (S.C.) For Dorchester, will pay an unofficial visit to Chapel Hill, N.C. on Saturday. Then, he wants to finally cut his schools.

"I really want to narrow things down after I visit UNC this weekend," said Quinn. "Then I will start thinking about my official visits. I want to make them all (official visits) but you know how that goes because sometimes you don't."

Quinn claims he is completely open to everyone and things will be cut after this weekend. Over the spring and summer, Quinn was busy visiting schools like Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Florida State, North Carolina, Rutgers and Maryland.

One big benefit for the nation's No. 9-rated defensive end prospect was watching his former teammate, Carlos Dunlap, go through the recruiting process last year. Dunlap even gave him some good advice.

"Carlos said to cut my schools early and then make the right choice for me," Quinn said.

Those are sound words from one of the country's most sought after players last season.

On the field, the burden of the defense will fall on Quinn's shoulders because no longer will opposing teams have to scheme against two great book-end defensive ends.

"There was nothing teams could do against us last season and I never had to worry about what was going on the other side," Quinn said of his junior season with Dunlap. "This season will be different. I just have to do my thing and get used to the double and triple teams. I am seeing that already in some of the scrimmages we have had. That comes with the territory. The others guys will have to just make plays like I know they will."

Quinn, at 6-5 and 247 pounds, has super size, quickness and speed. He is cat-quick off the edge and can be overpowering at the point of attack with a bull-rush. He also has a good inside move and the speed to beat a tackle wide and get to the quarterback.

He plays with discipline and plays contain very well. He is good and fast in pursuit, showing good lateral movement and the ability to chase down plays. Quinn has the ability to shed blocks at the line of scrimmage using his hands and strength very well. He has a nice frame to add weight and muscle and long arms. Overall, he looks like a very good defensive end prospect.

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