John Shoop Q&A (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- UNC's offensive coordinator and quarterback coach John Shoop spoke with reporters Thursday about the decision to name T.J. Yates the starting quarterback ...

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What did you see in T.J. that helped him win the starting job?

"All of the quarterbacks competed hard and they'll continue to compete. Throughout the spring and throughout training camp, T.J.'s gotten better every single practice and that's been encouraging. He really understands what we're asking the quarterback to do."

T.J spent a lot of time rolling out of the pocket in high school. did How comfortable is he standing in the pocket?

"That's one of the things we identified that he really needed to improve on -- sitting in the pocket, keep your eye level up and looking downfield. That's not something you can always simulate in practice and sometimes game time exposure is the only way. ... We're working real hard with all the quarterbacks, not just T.J., to slide, find a safe spot in the pocket and deliver that ball. T.J.'s getting better at it, but none of them are where we need to be right now."

Did you see a change in T.J.'s from the spring and the fall?

"We're going to get the No. 1 quarterback the bulk of the reps as we prepare for James Madison. Those other three guys are battling for that second position and that's something we'll need to sort out as we finish [preseason] practice these last two weeks. ... Those three guys are really battling for that spot."

How has Mike Paulus evolved during the first two weeks of camp?

"I'll bet if you ask Mike he's been a little disappointed in the number of reps he's gotten, but I'll bet if you asked any of the quarterbacks they'd say that, too. We're doing our best to push Mike out of his comfort zone every meeting and every practice. The speed of the game is something that's really different for him, but boy is he working hard to adjust. The arrow is definitely going up and I think that having this competition, he's going to throw himself right into that mix and I think it'll bring out the best in all of them."

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