Mattes, Robinson Lose Opener

CONCORD, N.C. --- R.J. Mattes' senior football season didn't start the way he had envisioned Friday night. Robinson lost to crosstown rival Northwest Cabarrus, 28-21.

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    "We just need to get better," said Mattes. "We have early session running and people aren't showing up. We lost by seven. If you ask me, if everyone would show up people would have been in shape. We had a ton of cramping going on. We've got 30 kids and we need eight guys to go both ways, so we need everyone in shape."

    Another problem throughout the tight contest was the abundance of penalties called against Robinson. Mattes himself was flagged a couple of times.

    "That was a big factor," said Mattes. "The ref was killing us. I don't know what it was. He was calling holding on everything. He was killing our drives. We had a 30-play drive that one time that was just penalty after penalty."

    Mattes, a 6-foot-6 260-pounder, started both ways and served as the long snapper on punts and field goals.

    Offensively, Mattes collected three pancake blocks and allowed only one sack.

    "I did great on offense, I believe," said Mattes. "My pass setting was good. When we called the 48-zone [swing pass], I was just going out there and just nailing people."

    The majority of Mattes' night was spent at left tackle, but he shifted to right tackle on three plays.

    "There was an outside zone play and they wanted me to reach a guy and our current right tackle wasn't reaching him quick enough today so coach decided to move me over," said Mattes. "[On the third play at right tackle], they wanted me to get out there quicker on a sweep and we wanted to run it to the wide side of the field."

    Mattes manned the weakside end position on Robinson's defensive line, totaling four tackles. However, he wasn't much of a factor.

    "I did alright," said Mattes. "I did decent on defense. They ran away from me most of the time. Our defense needed to shut down the quarterback and we didn't do that tonight."

    Right before half time, there was a slight scare when a defender rolled on Mattes leg. Initially he remained in the game, but limped to the sideline following the next play.

    "My ankle rolled over," said Mattes. "I just had to walk it off. It was just one of those plays where you just get hurt for a second and you get back up."

    Next week in their home opener, Robinson will host first-year school Harrisburg (N.C.) Hickory Ridge.

    Recruiting Update

    Mattes shares a similar sentiment of his peers regarding the NCAA text message banning.

    "Ever since the ban of texting it's been hard to get in contact with coaches," said Mattes.

    Mattes has been able to schedule official visits with NC State (September 1st versus Central Florida) and Virginia (on September 29th versus Pittsburgh).

    "I'm trying to reach [North] Carolina – Coach Pittman," said Mattes. "I don't know. It keeps going to his voicemail and obviously he can't call me back [per NCAA contact rules]. I'm trying to get a hold of him and set [an official visit] up with him."

    Roughly a month ago, Mattes narrowed his list of 30-plus scholarship offers to Clemson, UNC, NC State, South Carolina, and Virginia.

    While Mattes isn't sure when he'll schedule his UNC official, he would like to be in Chapel Hill for the North Carolina-South Carolina game.

    Throughout the season, Mattes expects to be in the stands for college games almost every weekend both officially and unofficially. He said he's most looking forward to the Clemson-Florida State and UNC-NC State games.

    "Both are big time rivalry games," said Mattes.

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