Q&A with Brandon Tate (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina's starting wide receiver and star kick and punt returner talked with the media Monday ...


What concerns you about James Madison?

"On film, they are a good team so we've just got to go out there and compete."

Was any lesson learned from the Furman game last year?

"We learned a lessson from that. We thought Furman would be a pushover, but they came out and made some big plays. We need to not think about what class they are in and just look at them like a regular team."

What's the emotion of the team with T.J. as the starter?

"We finally know who's going to be in the huddle with us, so We're just trying to get that chemistry going.

How far along is the passing game?

"It's come a long way since the spring. Everybody is making big plays - it's not just one player."

After all the preseason work, how anxious are you to get out there?

"I'm real anxious. I talk to my brother every day and do a countdown to the kickoff."

How do you think the young guys will react to their first playing experience?

"Since training camp started, all the young guys have matured. They've been in their playbook and learning their assignments, so Saturday everyone will have a show to see."

How's the running game coming along?

"It's coming along real well. The line's making their key blocks and the backs are making the key reads."

How many more kicks do you expect to get with the kickoff spot moving back 5 yards?

"I expect to get a lot of kicks this year and I want to return a lot, too. ... I'm a threat if they kick it to me. ... You've just got to read the field right and follow your blocks."

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