Site Redesign - Nearing Completion

The goal at is to always continue to improve. With that in mind, the site has gotten a redesigned look. Implementation of the new design is almost complete as of Friday morning. Some glitches still remain and those are being worked on.

The key aspects of the redesign are as follows ...

Overhauled Control Panel - This is the header that appears on top of the front page and the forums. The goal was to clean up this section and make it cleaner and easier to use, while at the same time addressing college licensing concerns.

The Ticker - While the news section (headlines and story listing) have stayed basically the same, we now also have a ticker as an additional method to inform you of pertinent news and info.

Incorporating The Forums - Below the news listing you will see a box that will tell you how many IC members are currently using the forums, while also providing some links to popular and/or newsworthy forums threads.

Recruit Videos - You will now be able to view highlight reels of Tar Heel recruits directly on the front page of the site with a new recruit video module on the right side of the front page. This is part of an ongoing project this fall to overhaul the network's video software.

There has been reformatting of links, colors and fonts for a sleeker look, and also there are additional advantages to the improved look which will enable us to provide some new features and unique content down the road.

Thanks for your understanding and patience as we undergo this redesign. We know change isn't always welcomed, but we think this redesign will improve your experience at

If you've got any comments or questions you want to submit, please Contact Us.

And if you come across any technical bugs, please be sure to report it on the Feedback Forum so we can work to fix it.

Thanks again,
- The IC Staff

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