Abrams-Ward, Thomasville Score Big Upset

MOCKSVILLE, N.C. --- Quieting the naysayers, E.J. Abrams-Ward scored the game winning two-point conversion to upset Davie County, 14-13, Friday night.

"We silenced all the critics, all the haters, all the enemies – everything," said Abrams-Ward. "A 1A school beat a 4A school – a 4A powerhouse at that. We beat them on their turf. What else can they say? Thomasville – that's it."

Abrams-Ward's school, Thomasville, is classified as 1A by NCHSAA and has an average daily membership (ADM) of 766 students. Davie County, on the other hand, is branded with a 4A classification with an ADM of 1,873 – more than double Thomasville's.

"All around – in the community, out of the community, on the internet – saying we can't do this, I can't do that, we're 1A, we don't play anybody," said Abrams-Ward. "They always want to talk about our three rings in 1A. Well, we came into 4A whipping their tail."

Thomasville's defense came up big by putting Davie County in long yardage situations all night with over a dozen tackles for a loss.

"Without a doubt we won this game because of defense," said Abrams-Ward. "Stops on third down, fourth down, big losses in the backfield – without a doubt, defense won this game for us."

Early on, Abrams-Ward, who quarterbacked Thomasville's spread shot-gun offense, didn't start off so hot. The 6-foot-4, 205-pounder threw an interception on his first pass attempt and then fumbled to end the Bulldogs' second drive.

"It was jitters," said Abrams-Ward. "I'm not going to lie. It was jitters. I was nervous. But after getting into the flow of things, I sat myself down and said ‘Look, you can play with these guys. They're just like anybody else in 1A.'"

With nine seconds remaining in the first half, Abrams-Ward hooked up with Jonathan Hanson for a 36-yard touchdown pass. The extra point was blocked.

"That was motivation," said Abrams-Ward. "That set the tone like ‘Look, we scored on a 4A school.'

"It wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. But after that, we started rolling, picking this thing up, [and] going at them."

Davie County took a 7-6 lead midway through the third quarter after a 46-yard touchdown pass from Garrett Benge to Floyd Collins -- and Michael Rowe converted the extra point.

However, Thomasville answered back driving down the field 87 yards for a touchdown. Abrams-Ward accounted for 58 of those yards.

"We didn't come this far to lose," said Abrams-Ward. "We didn't come all the way up here to just lay down for them, because they're a 4A school and we're 1A."

Up by just five points, Thomasville head coach Allen Brown decided to attempt the two-point conversion. He put the ball – and ultimately the game – in the hands of Abrams-Ward, who cross the goal line on a quarterback draw.

Benge orchestrated a second touchdown drive for Davie County, but the War Eagles shockingly went for the two-point conversion and failed.

"This means a lot to us and the community" said Abrams-Ward. "So we can brag about what we've done."

Abrams-Ward ended the night with 71 yards on 18 rushes (3.9-yard average) and 117 yards on 6-of-12 passing. He also handled punting duties averaging roughly 41 yards on four boots.

Recruiting Update

Abrams-Ward still maintains that recruiting is an afterthought.

"I don't want my whole focus to be on recruiting," said Abrams-Ward. "I want to be focused on this team and continue to play how we played tonight. I don't want to be sidetracked. At the end of the season, then I'll get my mind focused back on [recruiting]."

Nevertheless, Abrams-Ward did disclose that he has narrowed his list of choices to seven schools. But he won't reveal the members of that list until the end of his basketball season. He did, however, mention that North Carolina has made the cut.

"[UNC is] my hometown school," said Abrams-Ward. "No matter where I go, I want my hometown people able to see me whether it be on television or whether they can drive an hour, hour and a half just to come see me play."

Abrams-Ward has yet to schedule any campus for this fall. However, he mentioned a desire to attend the Georgia-Tennessee game on October 13th.

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