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Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Durell Mapp and Brooks Foster, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels begin preparations for Saturday's game at East Carolina.

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Butch Davis


On preparing for East Carolina's multiple quarterbacks:
"That's something that we're trying to decide right now -- watching the uncertainty of the original starter. Will he come back this week? There is a certain element of uncertainty as you get ready to decide, you know, did they do certain things with each quarterback, given the fact that they only had a week to get ready. And as they got some game experience, will they stay with that format [or] will they shrink that format down and allow one guy to do all of it."

On grading the offensive line's performance against James Madison:
"I think it was a solid grade. I don't think by any stretch of the imagination it's as good as they're going to play each week. We expect them to get better. And I think some of it was that we were a little stubborn ourselves in a sense that once the score got to be 37-7 and 30-7, they were pretty much content to stay in an eight-man front, and we were kind of hardheaded… we kind of ran into some fronts you probably wouldn't like to run into on a consistent basis. But we'll see – I think that they'll get better this week."

On getting a young team to move on to the next opponent:
"We kind of instituted the 24-hour rule – that 24 hours after the game, win or lose, that game's history. It's in the books… I'll be very disappointed if any of our players – if you talk to them today – if they are even talking at all about James Madison. This is clearly the next opponent and that's the mindset that you develop as a coaching staff and with your team that when you make the mistakes and the corrections and the good things and you reward guys with special performances, but as soon as that's over with, when we hit the field yesterday, we actually started talking a little bit about East Carolina."

On T.J. Yates' strong performance on Saturday:
"Well, he made some mistakes also. It was not letter perfect by him, by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that he clearly went out and did the things that we felt like he was capable of doing in Week One. The poise and the confidence part of it was good. By the same token, the stage didn't appear to be bigger than he could handle. That his poise in the huddle was very good and when he came to the sidelines, the other thing that was impressive was that when he made a mistake, he knew it… That's what you want from your quarterback, is to not come off the sideline and say ‘well, I didn't know that that was the coverage.' He was aware of all of the things and adjustments that they were making, and he felt pretty confident in it."

On Ryan Houston:
"We do need to figure out a way to get him involved in the game. And maybe even not having to wait until the end of the ball game to try to find out if he could be a complimentary asset to our running game. He's an unknown quantity other than he's got great talent, he's a big, strong, fast kid, and not to take away from what the other three kids did, but he may be an element that we don't have right now. He could be a Jerome Bettis-type player that could be a compliment to this offense."

On what he learned about his team on Saturday:
"Well, they love to play – that was pretty apparent. And I suspected that. Their enthusiasm and their excitement throughout all the spring and the summertime, and I was pleased at the way in which they really truly cheered for each other. You could get a sense on the sideline that they were watching their teammates and the guy that was playing in front of them and stuff, and when somebody made plays, they were enthusiastically patting their teammates on the back and encouraging them."

On selecting team captains for the East Carolina game:
"We named captains for this week's game – offensively it's Garrett Reynolds and Brooks Foster, defensively it's Kentwan Balmer and Durell Mapp and special teams is Ryan Taylor and Kendric Williams."

T.J. Yates


On making the transition to Week Two:
"Coach Davis [told] us to enjoy the win for 24 hours, that after that we're completely, totally done with JMU [and] that we're completely focused on East Carolina. We're going to try to go out there and work as hard as we can this week, study as much film as we can and go out there and play hard."

On East Carolina:
"They're a good team. They have a really good, tough defense – they played Virginia Tech really hard, so we've got our hands full."

On playing road games in high school:
"I think it helps with the everybody getting together. If you have a [small] amount of fans there, it helps, but it makes the team have to work harder to support each other and pump each other up, because you don't have the fans there doing it for you."

On when did things began to slow down for him:
"After the first series…That first pass really helped everything go smoothly, it got my nerves down a little bit and everything. The game – probably in the second series – got a little bit slower, and as the game moved on, it just got slower and slower."

On where he needs to improve:
"I definitely can't make any turnovers. Cut out the mental errors – I had a few mental errors during the game that I easily could have not made. I've just got to go out there and be perfect. It's hard to do that, but you've got to go out there and try that every game."

Durell Mapp


On traveling to East Carolina's hostile Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium:
"To be honest with you, I kind of like being the bad guy. We're just going to feed off that excitement. We're going to take everything they dish out, and try to use it against them."

On helping the young players in preparing for their first road game:
"You've got to tell them not to get overexcited. Being a veteran player, I've been exposed to that type of atmosphere plenty of times, so you just have to sit down and tell the guys what they should expect and tell them not to get overwhelmed by it."

On red-shirt freshman safety Deunta Williams:
"He knows how to judge the ball. That's a very unique thing that I see about him. He's a great athlete and he knows how to go up high and get the ball."

On the difference in the defense from last year:
"It's the coaching staff – they teach us how to be mental and aggressive. You've got to be smart out there on the field, but also be aggressive. That's a different thing that we do now – we play an aggressive style of defense."

Brooks Foster


On his 65-yard touchdown reception:
"Words can't even describe it – it just felt good. My mind was blank. Everything was going in slow motion."

On if he ever worries about dropping a wide-open pass:
"No – you can't think like that. You've got be optimistic. You have to think positive. Wide-open catches are sometimes the hardest to catch, so I just want to focus on the ball to make sure I catch it all the way in."

On T.J. Yates:
"I think he did a great job, especially [with] it being his first game… I know he's a great leader. He likes to play around a lot – he likes to have fun. But when it comes to football, he's serious. He studies [and] he does his work."

On his qualities as a wide receiver:
"I try to do everything – I'm versatile. I can be strong when I want to be, I can be fast when I want to be and I can be elusive when I want to be."

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