Shumpert Returns from Chapel Hill

Iman Shumpert began his official visit tour this past weekend and North Carolina was up first. The 6-foot-4 guard from Oak Park, Ill. took in the full UNC experience, including a chance to play ball with some NBA players.

Although Shumpert arrived in Chapel Hill late Friday night, due to NCAA rules he didn't step on campus until Saturday morning. Once he got on campus the Tar Heel coaching staff had a full day planned.

"I went to play pick up with the guys and a couple of the NBA guys had come back and they played," Shumpert said. "Then we tailgated before the football game and we watched that. They ended up losing by two."

"After that I went back to the hotel and then I worked out again," he continued. "Me and Bobby Frasor got shots up and I lifted in the weight room and we just hung out. After that we went to dinner with all the players and I got to hang out with all of the guys."

Frasor, who is also from Illinois, was Shumpert's host on the visit. Although the two didn't know each other prior to the visit, they were both familiar with each other.

"He's not from where I live, but through AAU ball and the circuit he said he'd heard about me while he was there when I was a freshman coming up," Shumpert said. "He said he had heard about me, but that he had no idea that I would blow up though."

Following the extra time in the gym with Frasor, Shumpert met up with the rest of the team for a night on the town. He said they hung out on Franklin Street before heading back to one of the players' apartment.

"We just hung out the whole night," Shumpert said. "I met a lot of different people and got to see what the college life was like."

Among the people Shumpert got to meet were some of the stars of the 2005 Tar Heel title team. One of them gave Shumpert the full court press during his visit.

"Sean May, Marvin Williams and Raymond Felton were all there," Shumpert said. "They were just using different ways to try and persuade me to go there, especially Sean May."

On Sunday, Shumpert got to spend some time with Roy Williams. The two had breakfast and lunch together. Overall, Shumpert said he was impressed with Williams and what he had to offer.

"It was a nice visit. I enjoyed it a lot," the Oak Park (Ill.) Oak Park & River Forest star said. "I fit in a lot more than I thought I would."

Next up for Shumpert is Georgia Tech on September 28th. The Yellow Jackets have made an impression on Shumpert because of their system and ability to coach taller guards.

"Coach Hewitt likes big guards and he's had success in the past with big guards and I'm a big guard," Shumpert said. "I feel like if I went there I'd be what he wanted and I could be a big part of that."

Two weeks after he goes to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech visit,'s 5th ranked shooting guard will head to Marquette for their midnight madness festivities. Shumpert's interest in Marquette starts with Tom Crean.

"Coach Crean just knows how to recruit and he knows what he is doing," Shumpert said. "He does everything for his players and he's a players coach. He knows how to develop a guard, obviously with Dwyane Wade. It's a place that I'm really considering."

Following those two visits Shumpert plans on coming up with a decision.

"I'm kind of just winging it right now," he said. "I just know that I want to make the decision before the season starts. That's my only deadline.

"I'm just taking in everyone's presentation and seeing which one I like the best. I'm seeing once they put out all the facts which one has the most pros and cons."

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