Zeller Recaps UNC Visit

Tyler Zeller, the 6-11 power forward from Washington (Ind.) ranked No. 16 overall by Scout.com, took his official visit to Chapel Hill over the weekend. On Monday afternoon he spoke with Inside Carolina to recap his UNC trip.

What all did the visit to Chapel Hill entail?

"I met the business people. I met the weight trainer. I hung out with the coaches and players a lot. I went around campus and went to the football game. We did all kinds of stuff."

UNC had a bunch of NBA players back on campus, did you get a chance to play ball with those guys?

"We played Saturday morning before the game. It was really fun. I played with Sean May, Marvin Williams, Raymond Felton and [David] Noel."

During your last visit to UNC, you had to guard Marvin Williams. Did you two go head-to-head again?

"He was on my team this time, so I didn't have to guard him."

Who was your host and did you get to know some of the guys pretty well?

"Marcus Ginyard [was my host]. I actually hung out with Marcus, Tyler Hansbrough and Bobby Frasor. I hung out at their house a lot, so I got to know them real well. The rest of the team I just hung out with some nights and when we ate and stuff."

What were your overall thoughts on the visits?

"It was really nice. I had a lot of fun down there. I loved it."

Did you get a chance to talk to Roy Williams one-on-one and if so how was that?

"I sat down with him for a little. I actually sat down with him for a little while every day I was down there. We talked about me going down there and playing like a four and being able to step out and shoot, but also post up inside."

How is your relationship with Coach Williams?

"We talk probably once week, so I've gotten to know him real well."

You have three local schools on your list and then North Carolina. Were you able to get a feel with this visit about the distance factor?

"Distance doesn't really mean anything. I'm just looking for a school that I fit in the best at. Once you go to school, you live there and it's basically your home. You only go home two or three times a year, so [distance] isn't a big deal."

Did you talk to any of the NBA Tar Heels during the weekend ?

"Yeah I talked to them all. I talked to them at the tailgate and at the football game. They weren't allowed to just sit down and talk to us because they are alumni, but I talked to them a little. I did get to see them a lot."

Zeller has his official visit to Indiana scheduled for next weekend. His final two official trips are to Notre Dame on Oct. 12 and to Purdue on Oct. 19.

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