UNC-USF: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Marvin Austin and Ryan Houston, who spoke to the media following the 37-10 loss to South Florida.

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Butch Davis


On the time of possession discrepancy:
"The time of possession thing is becoming a little bit of an issue because football teams have to be somewhat synchronized. Until you get synchronized, where the offense is having some success and maintaining some possession time and maintaining some drives to give the defense some time to recover. The three-and-outs puts the defense back out there for way too many plays and way too many plays almost back-to-back."

On beginning the game with the no-huddle offense:
"We thought that we would come and out and attempt to try to maybe speed the tempo up a little bit. We had had some success in some of the other ball games. We did [well] in the two-minute drills and stuff, and that's a great plan if it works. But if it doesn't, and you go out there and throw three incomplete passes and you use up 11 seconds, the bad news is that your defense is back out on the field."

On Ryan Houston:
"We had anticipated played Ryan Houston in the ball game, regardless of the score. It's just by coincidence that it got to where it was, but we wanted to get Ryan Houston into the game. We worked him during the course of the week, and you know, maybe that's a little bit of a shock. We saw some things late in the ball game from him that maybe that will add a little bit of a dimension to this offense."

On the defense:
"They showed some signs of actually making some improvement. With some of the field position, to go out there and force fourth downs [and] turnovers and force them to kick some field goals when they were taking the ball over inside their 25-yard line showed a lot of courage and a lot of character."

On what the coaching staff can do to improve this team:
"We're never going to give up with these kids. We're going to keep trying to coach them, teach them, make them more fundamentally sound as humanly possible… If we have to tinker with personnel – if it takes that to get a little bit better player on the field, then so be it.

"Can't worry about egos, can't worry about feelings, but I don't know that there's a whole lot of personnel changes that you could make at this point of the season, but if there are some, we're going to certainly investigate it."

T.J. Yates


On how USF was able to shut down the UNC offense:
"They're real fast as a team. Their corners are fast and their [defensive backs]. Their defensive line was coming off the ball hard and putting a lot of pressure on me. I thought they did a lot of things to fluster our offense."

On if the offense missed Scott Lenahan not being in the lineup:
"I thought Lowell [Dyer] did a great job. He did a great job filling in for him, so we didn't miss him at all. You always miss Tank, because he's such a great player, but I think Lowell did a great job in the backup spot."

On what Davis told him after his interceptions:
"Just [that] you've got to fight the adversity. It happened, so you just have to forget about it and go the next play."

On how physical the game was on Saturday:
"I took some shots. That was probably the most physical game that I've ever been in so far… They did a good job blitzing us and staying on us, so they did a good job."

Marvin Austin


On USF quarterback Matt Grothe:
"He's a fighter. That's one thing I can say about No. 8. He came out and he knew what to do. He called the audibles and stuff like that, and you could see he's a student of the game."

On the mood in the locker room after the game:
"It's hard when you take a loss, especially when you're trying to build a great team. You've got to cut down on mistakes basically, and that's what Coach Davis said – for us to become a better team, you've just to keep growing and keep trucking, basically."

On playing hard when you're down by 30 points:
"You've got to. That's when your character shows, basically, when its hard to come back. You've got to keep fighting and keep fighting, and that's what we do."

Ryan Houston


On when he knew he may play this week:
"On Sunday, [Coach Davis] was asking me a lot of questions like ‘Do you know how to pick up your blitzes, do you know everything?' He was just trying to make sure that I wouldn't go in and make a bad play, and then let it hang over my head and then I'd be down every time I went in. He was just telling me to be ready.

On his adjustment in pass protection:
"It's hard to adjust, because a lot of people are blitzing and picking up blitzes is the hardest thing because people don't straight out blitz… Sometimes the end jumps back and the corner comes in, and you've just got to pick it up. It's all fast-paced. Everything's faster than high school, so you've got to learn to pick up your speed."

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