UNC-VT: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, Anthony Elzy, T.J. Yates and Deunta Williams, who spoke to the media following the 17-10 loss to Virginia Tech.

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Butch Davis


On the team's preparation:
"I think that our preparation during the course of the week was indicative of the fact that we were going to play better. Was our preparation good enough to win the game? You've got to play the game and find out. There are some areas where we took some positive steps…. But I was proud of our effort and proud of our preparation. I thought our football team made strides today. But it certainly is a little bit hollow when you don't win football games."

On the two turnovers:
"The one thing, and it will always be the way, is the turnovers. It's the curse of trying to do the things that you need to try to do to win football games, and not just going into a shell, but giving yourself a chance to win a football game.

"Ryan Houston [knocked] at the door with a chance to score a touchdown and on the very next possession we turned the ball over and they returned it down inside the 15. All of a sudden instead of scoring seven, we gave up seven."

On the team's lack of experience:
"We're so far away from being experienced that it's laughable as young as this football team is, but I am pleased. Every game is a revelation – it really, truly is. Every time we go and play, the players find out more about themselves and we find out more about them."

On his decision to play Anthony Elzy late in the game:
"Just mixing it up a little bit. It had nothing to do with Ryan fumbling the football. In the next three of four years, he's going to get tons and tons of carries and opportunities, but Anthony's got a good feel for some of the runs that we were having a little bit of success with, and once he got hot, we kind of stayed with him."

On VT sacking Yates on third down on UNC's final possession:
"You have to have success running the football, because if you think you're going to come in and you think you're going to throw the ball 45 or 50 times with all of the blitzes and with the talented guys that they're going to have to rush the passer, you've got to stay out of long yardage situations… It puts a real premium on your offensive line and your backs checking their way up, but yes, it was a tough play."

On the running back situation:
"We're going to try to keep giving guys opportunities to grow and to run. I think Ryan and Anthony's done it, and I think Anthony did a very nice job. I was pleased with him. The things that he did – he ran tough and he ran physical."

On which loss was tougher to swallow – VT or South Florida:
They're all tough to swallow. I hate losing and I know our team does. As a coach and as players, I think you have to deal in reality. There's no hidden mysteries – know what you're doing well and try to continue doing that. And the things that you're not doing well, you've got to try as best as possible to improve in those particular areas.

"I thought that our run defense improved today and our run offense improved today. It's kind of like eating an elephant, sometimes it's one bite at a time."

Anthony Elzy


On getting the opportunity to play:
"I grew up being taught that your talent will make room for you. So within the past couple of weeks I was just being patient, teaching Ryan [Houston] things that I know or things that I've learned because he's getting the majority of the carries. I'm just trying to spread knowledge and just be a team player and wait for my time to come."

On what led to the fourth quarter rushing totals:
"It was all the offensive line. They created the holes, they stayed on their blocks and I just read what was there."

On if the offensive line and running backs are beginning to find a rhythm:
"Yes – we're making great strides. We're learning to be as one team, as one heartbeat and I think in the past three weeks – we're still learning because we're a young team – but we've made the biggest strides just in the game than we have all year."

T.J. Yates


On which loss was tougher – VT or South Florida:
"I guess it would be this one, because there were so many things that we did right in this game. I think we were in the game the whole time. [We] came into a tough stadium – probably one of the toughest places to play in the country – and competed with a really, really good team today."

On the VT defense:
"I think it's one of the best defenses in the country. They're strong, they're fast, they're agile, they're smart [and] they're disciplined, so I think they've got it all on the defensive side of the ball."

On the offense's progression through the game:
"It took us a little time to get going. We softened them up a little bit by passing and then started running the ball there at the end of the game – started running it really well. They've got a great defense and we had to pick and choose what we were going to do against them, because they were putting pressure on us all day."

Deunta Williams


On his interception:
"Whenever a ball is tipped, it's kind of like the ‘Bat Signal,' because I come out of nowhere and get it. I got the pick and I know last time I didn't take it to the house, so I had a little extra added motivation to [try to take it]... I was a little tired, so if I had a little more juice I might have taken it to the house."

On the defense stepping up after the initial VT scoring drive:
"It didn't surprise me. We made great adjustments on the sideline. Our coaches really did good and I thought that our players – we studied so much this week that we knew what was coming… I think we played really well against the run anyway, besides that reverse that was a big gash for [53] yards."

On the defense playing well since halftime of the South Florida game:
"We made an emphasis on the defense to try to come out and play hard. I think that we did – there was a couple bad plays, but those are going to happen. But besides those, I think that we played well in the first half today."

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