Monday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, Anthony Elzy, Marvin Austin and Connor Barth, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels begin preparations for Saturday's game versus Miami.

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Butch Davis


On naming permanent team captains:
"One of the things that I kind of wanted to announce today is that the team last week on Thursday night's team meeting voted on permanent captains offensively and defensively. I think that it is always enlightening a little bit because you find out about the respect that the players have for each other.

"It's totally their vote, they get to voice their opinion and all the freshmen all the way up to the seniors voted. The offensive captains were Garrett Reynolds and Scott Lenahan were the offensive captains. The defensive captains were Kentwan Balmer and Hilee Taylor.

"Every week we will have an honorary special teams captain, but the captain that will join those guys at the end of the season will be earned during the course of the season. We have a points system with our special teams that you get so many points for blocked kicks, punt returns, kickoff returns, tackles, assisted tackles and so you accumulate points and at the end of the year it's the one captaincy that you can actually earn and everybody is eligible for it.

"It can be anybody, it can be a walk-on, a freshman and it's actually earned on the field. I think that it has a little bit of novelty to it because it is open to every guy on the football team. I think that the four guys elected have been excellent leaders, their actions speak as loud as their voice in the locker room and on the practice field. The team did a great job in selecting their captains."

On Miami:
"It is a very experienced football team. Of their top 44 players, their two-deep roster, on both offense and defense, [has] 26 juniors and seniors. You can tell the recruiting consistency during Larry Coker's tenure that they've retained a lot of those guys and they are significant contributors in that program. Their overall team speed – I don't know if we'll play a faster team this year. They are certainly faster than Virginia Tech and East Carolina at just about every place.

"Their secondary is fast [and] their defensive line is fast. They have two just outstanding pass rushers and if you listen to the pro scouts, there are a significant number of these guys that are going to get drafted next year into the NFL. They are a good football team. They have an experienced quarterback that's been starting there for a long period of time and a backup that's played an awful lot and two very talented, good running backs."

On Anthony Elzy:
"I think that if you go back to your notes in the spring time we talked about Anthony and some of the good things he was doing. Then he tweaked his ankle early during training camp and he missed a significant amount of time and he was kind of an unknown commodity from how would he play in games [and] how would he respond if he got carries.

"I was very pleased. He caught the ball well out of the backfield, his protection was good, he's been a good contributor on special teams and he got an opportunity in the ball game and contributed really significantly in the running game."

On his health:
"As far as I know, all of the tests thus far have been negative, and I feel good. I don't feel good about the way the season's going, that makes me sick, but that's a sickness that victories would cure."

"I've gotten just some outstanding medical care from the people not only at the University of North Carolina hospital, but the doctor that I've worked with here has just been awesome. He's networked to a lot of the different hospitals around the country six or seven months ago when all of this kind of came about, and we feel like all of the things that we did in being proactive and catching it early, with God's grace, it'll be something of the past."

On the team's ability to score late to stay in ball games:
"Well, the one thing it's told us is that they've learned to persevere, and I think that that's a big step. There's been a couple of times when they could have just shut it down. You get off to a bad start, things aren't going quite as well, and I think that they've learned to persevere – that at any given moment, if you just keep chipping away at it and stay in the game, any particular play [can change the game].

"That's why one of the things that I'm disappointed in is that we haven't found a way to get those one or two big plays that really give you a chance to not only be in it, but maybe to take the lead. And hopefully we will in this next game and throughout the rest of the season."

Anthony Elzy


On Miami:
"Watching film on Miami, they are a very fast team and very athletic as the world knows. So we are going to have to bring our best game I believe and we are getting ready right now."

On what the tight game against VT showed about this team:
"It showed us as a team that even though we're young, we still have fight within us. We won't let anyone intimidate us even though we're going to another stadium, we're ready to play."

On the relationship between the running backs:
"It's going well. We're not looking at it as a competition. We're teaching each other things as we learn them. It's more of a brotherhood. We joke and laugh all of the time. We have a good time back there and at practice, and before and after the games. It's just that when the coaches call upon you, you have to perform."

Marvin Austin


On what UNC has to do to beat Miami:
"On defense, we've got to get to the ball carrier. We've got to create turnovers and win the turnover battle. That's basically what it is. Go out there and be the best defense on the field that day, and go out there and have the best offense on the field that day. That's all it is."

On the team's morale:
"We are not down at all because the games that we lost, we beat ourselves basically. So now it is just correcting the mental mistakes, a lot of the things we see are correctable. It's not like a team just outright dominated us."

On sacking VT quarterback Tyrod Taylor into a split position:
"When he went down he tried to juke and he split, and I jumped on top. I mean, I had to get the sack and when I hit him, I was like, ‘Dang, he's not coming back.' But obviously, he's a tough kid, so he came back and helped his team out.

On if he can do a split:
"No – I wouldn't try to do that."

Connor Barth


On the 2004 game-winning kick against Miami:
"I just remember getting held up by Jacques Dumas, because he's a huge guy. All I remember is right before I went out to kick I saw the fans start to line the sidelines around the hedges, and I was like, ‘Wow, I've got to make this, or I'm in trouble.' But it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I look back on it, being 18 years old, and it's just awesome to see how much composure I had."

On how often he thinks back to that kick:
"You don't tell people, but I occasionally pop in the DVD of the Miami game, just because it's cool to watch it. I don't have it at my house, but I have it at home in Wilmington and it's cool to have as a collector's item."

On the pressure of making a UNC-record 16th consecutive field goal:
"It's tough, but you've just got to think about it as another kick, because I know I can do it every time. If Coach puts me out there, I know he has faith in me and I have faith in myself that I can make it every time.

"That 16th field goal – hopefully it will be a 20-yarder, but if it's a 52-yarder, that's fine, I'll make it – but it's just all about being confident. Just knowing your technique and knowing that if you do the things you've been taught to, then you'll be fine."

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