Midseason Update: Randy White

The 2007 season has had its ups and downs thus far for North Carolina pledge Randy White and his team.

"The season has been great, we just haven't preformed to our potential," said White. "All the games that we lost, we shouldn't have; but that happens with everybody. I think we've done pretty well so far."

Bristol (Va.) Virginia is 3-2 and their 1-1 conference record has them tied for second place in the Clinch Mountain A League.

During one of the losses, White suffered a shoulder injury and sat out the following game.

"I went to make a tackle on the running back and as I dove for him one of their players hit me on my shoulder," said White. "Where my hand made contact with him it pushed [my shoulder] two different ways and pulled it out of the socket."

Doctors have told White that the injury isn't a long term worry. The 6-foot-5, 230-pounder returned to action this past Friday.

White, whose primary offensive position is tight end, hasn't been as much a part of the passing game as he had envisioned coming into the season. Still, though, he has caught four passes for 88 yards.

"We have a pretty good running back and our quarterback isn't as developed as we'd like," said White. "… Right now, I'm used as a lead blocker to open up holes."

Like UNC's hybrid-back, White will often line up at tight end and motion into the backfield to serve as a lead blocker. He will also line up at fullback in the power I formation.

White also moves around defensively. Under normal circumstances, White will line up at various linebacker positions. But on obvious passing downs, White will be plugged in at defensive end to provide a solid pass rush.

Despite the time he missed with his shoulder injury, White is among the team leaders in tackles. He has also collected three sacks.

White speaks to assistant coach Steve Hagan, his UNC primary recruiter, at least once a week. In addition to Hagan's one allotted call, White will call him occasionally.

"He's going to be my position coach, so I want to get well acquainted with him," said White. "We usually just joke around. He'll call and check how I'm doing, how we did Friday night, who I go for in pro football, how my golf game is doing."

Hagan informed White that he will come into UNC as an H-back.

"I love being involved in the play," said White. "Whether it's blocking or catching. I love how they use [the h-back]; they always have it involved in the play."

White, who was on hand for UNC's season opener against James Madison, will travel to Chapel Hill this weekend for the Miami game. White plans to attend additional UNC games, but has yet to make any definite plans.

Since the JMU game, White has been tracking UNC's season on television.

"This past week [against Virginia Tech] I was really impressed with them," said White. "They had a great defensive showing; that's something they hadn't had in the past few weeks. The game pretty much depended on whenever they fumbled on the three-yard line, but stuff like that happens."

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