Sabino Recruitment Hitting Final Stretch

Etienne Sabino, who is quickly closing in on his mid-November decision deadline, might only take three official visits, despite maintaining a favorites list of six schools.

"I'm not sure I'm going to take [my last two official visits]," Sabino said. "I haven't decided what I'm going to do, yet."

Sabino, a 6-foot-3, 230-pound linebacker from Miami (Fla.) Krop, has already taken official visits to Florida and Southern Cal.

"[Both visits] went pretty good," Sabino said. "At USC, the game day atmosphere was really cool, the coaches were cool. It was my first time in [California]; it was nice also. It was a good experience.

"At Florida, the game day atmosphere was crazy, it was just loud. The Swamp is loud – just like they say. It was a pretty good trip. I was happy with both of [my official visits]."

Sabino will take his third official visit on October 20th to Ohio State for the Buckeyes' homecoming game against Michigan State.

While Sabino says the odds of using his final two allotted official visits are slim, he has discussed travel possibilities with Georgia Tech, LSU, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

However, Sabino feels he has seen all there is to see at those schools during unofficial visits over the spring and summer.

"The thing with schools like North Carolina, I've been there a few times already," Sabino said. "I pretty much know what's there. That's why I'm not sure if I'm going to take a visit there."

Sabino says just because Florida, Ohio State, and USC received official visits, doesn't mean those schools lead or have received an unfair edge.

"All the schools – North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami, Florida, Ohio State, Florida, USC – they're pretty much even right now," Sabino said. "Everybody is neck-in-neck."

Since he plans to graduate from high school in December, Sabino has set a deadline for his collegiate decision for "around" his birthday (Nov. 13). But, he says a verbal commitment could come any time.

"I'm going to play it by ear," Sabino said. "Just when I feel it's right to commit, I'll just commit. But I plan to have it done by November."

Like most of his peers, Sabino is searching for the school at which he feels most at home.

"I think the biggest factor for me is the comfort level," Sabino said. "I'm trying to get a feel for where I feel or where I felt the most comfortable at. That's why when everything is said and done, I just want to sit down with my mom and my coaches, and just look at the best decision for me."

Just about every coaching staff found in his favorites list speaks to Sabino weekly. Linebacker coach Tommy Thigpen and primary recruiter John Blake contact him from UNC.

"It's at the point where [UNC and I] just talk in general now," Sabino said. "We know each other pretty well now. With me coming up this past summer, we built a pretty good relationship, so we just talk in general. Of course we talk football, but it's nothing major."

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