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COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- While obviously being there to watch and talk to recruiting targets of the North Carolina basketball program, we got a chance to see many other talented players from the eastern portions of the United States as well. While many of these players have been evaluated before -- some of them were new to us. So, here are some notes on a handful of talented prospects that were in action this past weekend at rhe Charlie Weber Invitational in College Park, Md.

Every single one of the following prospects has received some interest from the Atlantic Coast Conference.

6-8 WF-PF Rudy Gay -- Our first look at the touted junior from Maryland and we liked him. He's a good run and jump athlete with long arms and some decent perimeter skills. His long limbs and jumping ability seemed to help out on defense and the boards. He's got a little bit of Terrence Morris in him -- but still has a ways to go with polishing everything up into a complete combo-forward. Maryland is looking to lock him up early.

6-1 PG/SG Isaiah Swann -- Like usual, Swann was awesome. This kid is a terrific athlete with bounce. He has such deceptive speed that it almost looks as if he's not moving too fast. But don't be fooled -- as he'll easily scoot by just about everyone who checks him. The kid can shoot. The kid can slash and oh my lord -- the kid can leap. When we spoke to him after one of his games -- he smiled from ear to ear when we mentioned one word -- that word was Maryland.

6-8 PF-WF Terrence Roberts -- Enter our vote as a big fan of Roberts. From where he's ranked nationally, we think some folks are missing the boat on this kid. He's got to be the most underrated forward in America. The kid is an ultimate competitor. He does the little things that others don't. He can handle the ball. He can pass with precision. He scores on the blocks, off the glass and on the perimeter. And he's a talented and disciplined shot blocker to boot. He's over his injuries from the summer and he looks as good as ever. I may not have seen every kid in the nation this year -- but if there are 20 better players in the country -- this must be one heckuva class.

6-7 PF-C Linas Kleiza -- This strongman must de-root trees with his bare hands. Someone else commented that he doesn't lift weights for conditioning purposes -- he lifts boulders. Simply put, this power forward is as strong as an ox. He has solid post moves, footwork and cleans the glass. He may be a little short for a true power forward at 6-7, but the kid will outwork and manhandle most anyone at his position. This rebounding warrior is going to be a great pick up for somebody.

6-5 SG-WF Marcus Ginyard -- What more can we say about this talented and poised sophomore? He's athletic, mature and responsible with the ball. The kid is much stronger than he was at this point last year and he's shooting the ball well from long range, mid range and no range (dunks). We also found out that he was the youngest player in the Kenner League this summer -- and he put up good numbers there, too.

6-9 PF-WF James Gist -- He must've had 20 offensive rebounds in one game. This ultra-long armed forward had about ten stick-back dunks off of misses and ran the floor like few others. He's got a lot of promise, athletically, but we'd like to see him show a little more half court skills. Nonetheless, he's a fantastic combo-power forward who could shine in an up-tempo offense.

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