Butch Davis Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Butch Davis said on his radio program Thursday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the importance of the Miami win:
"It was a great win and I've told the players that one of the things that came from that is ... it's great validation when you see the players spend the unbelievable amount of time it takes to prepare to win football games. They've been wonderful with their effort and practice habits. We actually ramped up the physical contact whereas a lot of teams at this point are backing off. Two weeks ago before we played Virginia Tech we went back to a training camp mentality. We were physical, we tackled, we hit and spent a lot of time on fundamentals. Just tried to get our team prepared because we knew we had a tough stretch with Virginia Tech, Miami, South Carolina. We really put our football team to work and they responded like champions. So it's good for them to get the rewards of a victory."

On Chase Rice's eligibility:
"Unfortunately Chase has already been red-shirted - this was his red-shirt junior year - and technically he's actually a senior academically, so he has another year, but we cannot get an extra year."

On the progress of Rashad Mason:
"Rashad, we think, is going to be a very good football player. He's a receiver we signed who's close to 6-5, 220 pounds - really a big, physical, imposing type of receiver. Right now he's probably on track to red-shirt, with the guys we're playing with [at wide receiver] I think the timing is perfect because he's learning a lot from those guys, they're doing a great job mentoring him. He's going to be a really fine football player in the years to come."

On team injury news:
"For the first time we may have good [injury] news - we may get Scott Lenahan and Brooks Foster back this week. We knew Scott wasn't going to play last week, and we let Brooks go through warmups and pregame and he just felt like he was 80 or 85 percent and rather than let him go out and do some damage, we decided to put him on the shelf and have Joe Dailey step in there and Joe did a great job."

On the status of Kyndraus Guy:
"It's really a tragedy because our coaching staff and players would love for Kyndraus to be able to play. He had a major knee reconstruction in the offseason and he's back and practices, but there's just a little 5-10% [lost] in change of direction. ... Sometimes I'm just not sure he has the confidence. Doctors will say sometimes it takes almost two years to being back to 100% [from this injury]. I'm really hopeful that Kyndraus will get a chance before the season is over to get some significant minutes. His attitude has been phenomenal helping us prepare and he's really helped the young defensive linemen."

On where Mike Paulus is on the QB depth chart:
"Mike is a true freshman and he's come in and working every single day. We try to split some of the second team repetitions between Mike and Cam Sexton. Sometimes if the other team's quarterback is throwing a great deal as is the case with Miami, we let Mike throw the 7-on-7 against our first team defense just to get him more actual repetitions throwing the ball in the pocket against our defense. He's growing and making a lot of strides."

On Greg Little's role in the future:
"Every single week his role continues to grow. He's going to have an unbelievable future with this football team. We'll find ways to keep him involved and stimulated and he's as good a physical talent [as we have]. He's got some refinement to do with his skills, but people are going to love what they see from him in the next few years."

On South Carolina's offense:
"They spread it around a great deal, they get their tight ends involved, they dump it off to the backs, they've got big wide receivers - they're going to try to push it down the field and after last week's game against Miami when we gave up some big plays, I'm sure they're going to try to take some shots down field."

On South Carolina's defense:
"They put a tremendous amount of pressure - they blitz a great deal. Our receivers will tell you, these two corners are the two best corners we've played against all year long."

'Butch Davis Live' airs Thursday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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