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During his official visit tour, Arthur Brown remains focused on the people at each football program. North Carolina scored high marks in that category during his Chapel Hill stay a week ago.

"He told me the thing that stood out was the staff as a whole," said Brian Butler, Brown's mentor and the director of Potential Players, who is overseeing his development and recruitment. "As a complete staff, he was very, very impressed – not only with Coach [Butch] Davis or just with Coach [John] Blake or with Coach [Tommy] Thigpen.

"Overall, he liked the diversity of the staff. He liked the attitude of the staff. He liked the atmosphere of the staff itself. And that was really the most impressive thing to him."

Brown, a 6-foot-1, 210-pound linebacker from Wichita (Kan.) East ranked the No. 1 overall senior prospect in the nation by, remains unavailable for interviews as he focuses on his recruitment, academics, and senior football season.

The coaching staff also made its mark on Brown's parents, who accompanied him on the visit as well as younger brother Bryce.

"I know that Butch Davis impressed Mrs. Brown and Mr. Brown, as well as Arthur and Bryce," Butler said. "Just with his character, with his personality and with his strong spiritual background he was able to make an impression.

"The main thing [Brown's parents] focused on was Butch Davis' spirit. And his character was very high and they all enjoyed being around him. They said he was very sincere and he was very honest and that he was a great leader."

According to Butler, Blake, who is Brown's primary recruiter, hosted Brown for most of the trip.

Brown also spent a great deal of time with Thigpen, UNC's linebacker coach.

"They actually went over some of their defensive stuff," Butler said. "Mr. Brown sat in on a meeting with Coach Thigpen, as well. [He] was seeing how he coaches and how he teaches, and just how that relationship is with his players that are there now."

Marvin Austin, the 2007 class's top ranked defensive player, hosted Brown, the 2008 class's top ranked defensive player.

"The things that impressed him most about Marvin was that he doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, he's serious about trying to be a great player, he's serious about working on his game, and working on becoming a better person and keeping his image clean because he really wants to play at the next level," Butler said.

Fittingly, the UNC coaching staff compared what Austin has done at UNC to what they expect Brown to do if he were to come aboard.

"They expect him to come in and be an immediate impact player," Butler said. "Same way with Marvin – how Marvin came in and making a big impact – they expect Arthur to do the same thing as well at his position."

Austin and Blake guided Brown around UNC's campus. While Brown was impressved by the facilities, the student body really stood out.

"He liked the diversity of the students on campus," Butler said. "He was definitely impressed with that and that's important to him. He liked the feel and atmosphere of the campus."

In the state of Kansas, Butler said UNC is seen as a "basketball school." The Browns were pleased to discover the strides UNC is making to change that perception.

"They were impressed with how much money they are putting into the football program and how they want it to become as successful as the basketball program," Butler said.

Of course, much of Brown's visit surrounded UNC's border clash with South Carolina.

"I think he was impressed with the game atmosphere," Butler said. "…I know he really enjoyed the game [and] he really enjoyed their style of play… I think he felt [UNC's] level of play is very high."

Brown has also taken official trips to Alabama and LSU. He will officially visit Miami on November 28th and Southern Cal on December 1st.

In addition to the schools he has or will officially visit, Brown is considering Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kansas State, and Oklahoma. He will announce his college decision on December 17th.

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