White Rehabbing Shoulder

After delaying the inevitable, Randy White had surgery on his shoulder a couple of weeks ago.

"I kind of expected to have surgery," White said. "I didn't know when it would be, but I knew it probably would be before the season was over. It kept hurting, it kept coming out."

White, a 6-foot-5, 230-pound tight end from Bristol (Va.) Virginia, originally injured his shoulder on September 14th. He sat out the following game, and then played sparingly in the two subsequent games.

The injury was eventually identified as a labral tear.

During a campus visit to North Carolina, the school he verbally committed to in June, the UNC medical staff instructed White to have surgery on the shoulder.

"They told me to go ahead and get it worked on," White said. "They wanted me to go ahead and get it done so whenever it was time for me to go to North Carolina I'd already have been lifting weights for a little bit and gotten some of my strength back."

White had the surgery on Oct. 9.

"[It feels] a little spore, but I got a little bit of movement back in it now so I'm able to use it a lot more then I did on the first day," White said.

In a week, White will start rehabilitation on the shoulder. In the meantime, he is running, doing assigned exercises designed to stretch out the tendons, and working with a stress ball to improve his grip.

White isn't expected to be fully recovered until February.

Out for the remainder of the football season, he is contributing as an extra coach for Virginia High, assisting with the receivers and tight ends. He won't participate in any sports during the winter season, but he is considering track in the spring.

White, who has attended the JMU, Miami, and South Carolina games at UNC, said he will possibly return to UNC for the Maryland game.

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