Howard Still Working on UNC Visit

Travis Howard still has yet to reschedule his postponed official visit to North Carolina.

"Actually, they're trying to work on it, but all the dates they've scheduled we have games on those days," Howard said, refuting a report that appeared on claiming Howard and teammate Etienne Sabino would officially visit UNC on the weekend of Nov. 3.

Howard, a 6-foot-1, 170-pound cornerback from Miami (Fla.) Krop, says if he officially visits UNC it will be after his senior football season.

Last weekend, Howard took his first official visit to Ohio State.

"That went very well," Howard said. "I liked it a lot. Ohio State is nice. They're big on tradition, nice atmosphere, and the whole coaching staff is pretty cool, and the fans just give so much support."

Before all is said and done, Howard is looking at taking one or two additional official visits. The only other trip scheduled is on November 22nd to Auburn.

Shortly after the Auburn visit – or possibly even before – Howard is looking to make a verbal commitment.

"I've narrowed it down a lot," Howard said. "It's out of Ohio State, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, the University of Tennessee, and Auburn – but I'm not too sure about Auburn."

With a potential decision less than a month away, Howard is leaning in the direction of the only school he has officially visited.

"Ohio State is the leader right now – they're number one," Howard said. "[They're my leader because] just the whole visit; it went well."

Howard says the attention from UNC has increased and included John Blake stopping by his school Friday and contacting him shortly thereafter.

"He was just mainly talking about all the recruits that they're trying to get," Howard said.

While Howard admits that he and teammate Etienne Sabino would like to attend the same college, they're not a sure-fire package deal as perceived by outsiders.

"We really don't talk about that, that much," Howard said. "It's in there, but if it doesn't happen then we'll go our separate ways. We both want to go to the college that is best for us; if that's the same school great."

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